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Jeremy Duncan
Now I will give statistics to show two principles:
Happy Character
Visible character

If you have a character who is logical. Trying to think if this is the right decision, or if they should go a certain way, or if they should say a certain thing – how happy are they? Not very happy at all!

Now the opposite, is they are happy how visible are they?
They may go to a point and at this point the character finds relief, but there they become visible!

Now if they are logical then it usually goes they are not visible to harm or worse, but if they are visible then though they be visible to harm they find relief, or happiness even.

And so it goes with the story.

First they are happy, happy to enjoy themselves, then they see the visible, then they are logical, and seeing they are visible they wonder if they should do something to be successful.

Smiley face.