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Jeremy Duncan

Now I will apply magnetic force to the formula below so it makes more sense.

A + AnC. There is no High tone attitude.

AnB. Now there is magnetic force. What happens is there is visibility, and when there is visibility the hands start to tremble, and or the head may signal to another person that you see.

What magnetic force this is is same pole to same pole, or a repelling force between magnets: north + north poles.

BnC. Now there is verbalization of logic. Having seen then the next thing is having to talk or utter something even if that is a shrill cry.

This is opposite magnetic poles connecting: north + south poles.

AnBnC. Now the people who made B react want him to use logic in their arena, so they can reason with him and apply their logic in problem solving.

But the B character does not willingly go into north south poles, because this means going into the magnetic envelope made by the people who saw him, and caused him to become B in the first place, without him knowing or intending to become B.

If these people see him then they know the use of the eyes. It’s unintuitive and deeply psychologically rooted. They use the eyes to understand the situation and to place a person into the position of B. So if you signal that you see them they shutter and become mellow and meek so as to shun you looking at them and so labeling them as B. Undecided Laughing