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    Sounds like packet loss or latency issues. What network card do you have?

    Can you go over your network topology and Hypervisor setup?  For instance, you really should never share a network card between the host and its virtuals. 


    Thanks for the reply,

    I have passed through the onboard NIC which is a Realtek 8111E and that is bridged with the Ceton. I also have a Intel NIC which is being used with my only other VM which is FreeNAS. I was thinking it may be a good idea to throw in another Intel NIC and pass it through to the Win7 VM to replace the onboard Realtek.

    Not sure if these would play a role at all, but I have an i5 2400 as a cpu. Would hyperthreading be necessary at all?

    Also, the host is currently sharing a connection with the FreeNAS VM and I haven’t had problems. But I assume from what you  are saying they should have separate NICs? I could use the onboard for ESXI, pass through an intel NIC for FreeNAS and for Win7 if that is an ideal setup.

    Thanks for any input.