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    Cool, I appreciate it. I’ll probably try out the last one. I never thought much of NICs for home servers and my HTPC with Ceton distributing through the house. 


    You are using a Linux based server, right?  So, I’m guessing you are using KVM as the virtual machine platform?  If that’s the case, you want to use VIRTIO drivers for your NIC and disks in any Windows based VM.  It gives near native performance in the Windows VM.



    Thanks for the response. So that would solve possible NIC related issued. So to recap, I would have the windows KVM utilize the Ceton Tuner via Intel Virtualization VT-D and use VIRTIO drivers so that network I/O is good? Would this setup theoretically work? I think I would rather go this route as setting up with Linux sounds to be a pain. 

    On the other hand I could maybe install another NIC just for that windows KVM and use Intel VT-D. 

    I have never played around with Intel VT-D but it intrigues me with it’s possibilities…