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Jeremy Duncan

Imagine there is two groups: Group A and B. What defines these groups is the separation between them.

Group A consists of a perimeter, or semi-perimeter, and group B consists of entering group A’s perimeter.

When Group A is intact it shows the perimeter is intact – the perimeter is made up of people from the group, each person makes a Point on the perimeter.

Each point on Group A’s perimeter expects a quality of life, or quality of service. The way Group B treats group A’s perimeter changes the quality of life Group A has.

It’s like a Dog in a yard: he will mark the perimeter of his fence and bark at strangers getting too close to his yard.
A Dog, when he see’s a threat, may become dead silent…
This shows the dog treats his yards perimeter quality of life different, because the quality of life there may change from good to not so good.

How many people have changed their territorial bark or snarl to a fearful cry?
So the way group B treats group A changes the bark to a cry or keeps the snarl and bark.

There are three qualities group A may experience:
Best quality: where it consists of a intact group with no irregularities.
Mediocre quality: Where you feel as the black sheep or especially odd about someone or they feel odd: feeling a oddity.
Very poor quality: Where you’ll eat moldy bread and drink wild water to survive.

When the perimeter is the Best quality you feel the best way to interact with group B is on equal terms. You talk to them and affiliate with them.
When the perimeter is corrupt and you feel a oddity you are alarmed by the feel of a oddity so you treat the group B with caution – don’t look for trouble.
Very poor quality and you see group B as a ravaging fire tearing through your perimeter and need to confront it immediately.

With very poor quality the threat is so intense that unless you have contact with everyone in group A, group B will infiltrate the Group A and flank it and consume it.

Imagine Ripley from Aliens, She survived and was back on Earth. She went from very poor quality to the best quality. She was recruited to go back with the promise the threat would be treated as the poorest quality of existence and not as a oddity to be collected and studied.
The Marines treated the assigment unlike Ripley, who had a true fear of the Aliens, that’s why when they were dying she tore in there with the vehicle like a mother for her babes.

If Group A is in contact with each other, then when one member/point of that group is impacted so they change from the best quality to a mediocre quality – the other points feel impacted too.

So everybody gets a sense of oddness, just from one person: Like a rotten apple.

The group A is very homogenous, they take on traits to survive group B, you see.

The whole group A will flex to sustain what the individual of the group is going through – how it (the group A) flexes may be inappropriate/odd or even disgraceful.