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Jeremy Duncan

I will now show how to make funny images, or unique images.

Characters are made up of two things: Function, and reverence.

The Lord of the Rings is a example. Frodo is a small person compared to Gandalf. Frodo is a functioning member of a small village, and he has a function with gandalf of reverence. One day Frodos relationship with Gandalf changed from Reverence to Function, Frodo was meant to carry the Ring.

So the two types of use one character has for another changes. From reverence, to Function.

When your showing a advertisement you blend the two types together. So you show the function in a setting of reverence. A example is a reverd dinner table with delicious food, and the function is a smiling man with plate and Spoon in hand with a Huge Smile and Tongue seen licking his lips and he’s saying very loudy “Yummy!”. So the place of reverence fits in the person who only crudely uses function.

Perversion also fits in this way, so in a place of reverence the function is felt by the character so they are gawdy charactures of what belongs in that place of reverence. Take for instance Frodo in the place the ring is thrown and destroyed. Frodo knows this is a place of reverence, but what happens here? He feels the function of the Rings. Then he hesitates and says maybe the rings shouldn’t be destroyed in this place of reverence, the ring has a function, after all.

And so in a story with evil, the use of reverence is perverted with the use of function – function overlays the characters proper use of that place of reverence.