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Jeremy Duncan
I watched a episode of the TV show The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan. And in that episode there was a Dog who didn’t like Dog Toys.

What I’ve seen Cesar do in a episode with a dog at a dog pound who was terrified of men was he made friends with it before starting treatment. Once he befriended the dog then he started treatment of domesticating the animal.

What this tells me, is first Cesar will befriend the Dog, then try to get him over his problem, be it a problem with toys or fear of men.

This relates to my previous post and I will show you how now.

The Dog’s problem is it relates to the B in the formula. B feels a repelling force towards something or someone.

Cesar takes that Dog and show him that he does not see it as a B in the formula, but as a A in the formula.
That is if the dog was a B then how could Cesar who is a A be his friend.
A does not repel A, it accepts A.

Then Cesar places the Dog with the toy problem in a house so full of toys the dog can’t go anywhere without seeing a dog toy.

Cesar places the dog into a situation where he can’t repel from the dog toy, so the dog see’s the situation change from B to AnBnC, and he cannot win and escape the dog toys.
This then makes the dog accept the thing that made it repulsed, the dog changes the magnetic orientation from repulsed to attracted.

However if the dog can be tought to fear the dog toy, and gets healed of this fear. Then it stands to reason the animal should not be placed into a situation where he might relearn the fear he overcame, where he might change from being a friend of A, to being a B character.