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Jeremy Duncan
Following the previous posts logic where I talked about the Dog Whisperer Cesar, I will give basic plots to some well known movies.

Blade Runner, starring Mr.Ford.
Replicants are avoiding arrest and want to meet their maker so they can avoid certain fate. The Replicants do not want north south poles because it represents death to them, so they intend to meet Tyrell and learn how to defeat the logic built into them.

Batman, the Dark Knight, starring Mr.Ledger and Mr.Bale.
The Batman makes the criminals afraid, so they meet with the Joker and unleash him so they can avoid the fear they feel of meeting the Batman.
The Joker wants to reveal a fear inside people that pushes them over the edge, so their phobia has terminal consequence. But the people overcome their phobia and the Batman rights Twoface’s wrong so he does not depress the people who stood up to their phobia.

Predators, starring Mr.Brody.
They find themselves in a place that makes them confused, so they are not themselves. Then they are flushed out and Royce isn’t confused anymore. Royce then wants to find the people who made his group confused, to overcome his phobia he goes to the people responsible for doing this rather than run from them.

So the plot is the ordinary people, as they considered themselves ordinary, were made into targets that were supposed to feel phobia, but the leader overcomes his phobia and targets the people responsible for making them targets.

Then it becomes a plan to leave the hunter predators and run back home, leave this game planet without even fighting the logic of the predators.