Jobs You Can do Remotely

Having a job is just a common part of life. You spend your younger years working towards a dream job. You need it to pay bills. Not to mention the fact it can say a lot about your personality. But in the modern-day, there are just many different job options. If you see two people walking side by side down the street, chances are they are in completely different industries. Although job choice has always been a thing, there are now new roles and positions available for people every day.

One of the most deciding factors for a lot of people in the location and environment they work in. For example, many people will choose a job path that won’t see them take up a place in the office. On the other hand, some people plan on spending large chunks of their day outdoors. This factor may seem insignificant to you, but it is the most decisive factor for many people.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic has taken over, it has become very obvious that working from home can, in fact, be very practical. Many companies were forced to send their workers home, having them doing their jobs from the comfort of their own homes. Although many people can now return to work, many workers feel it to be better to work remotely. But what jobs can you do efficiently from home? Here are some examples.

Cyber Security

As the modern-day relies so much on technology, the need for cybersecurity increases. Many people tend to overlook the dangers that the online world brings. This is where cybersecurity comes into it. These experts help look at organizations’ data and try to keep it safe and private. However, without the proper procedures, it can be very easy for cybercriminals to access this information. Even on a personal level, this can have devastating effects.

Cybersecurity workers will work pretty much exclusively from their own laptops or computer. They usually work on their own, depending on what role they have. For example, an ethical hacker requires no assistance when they are fully qualified with the likes of an online masters in cyber security. This means that it is perfectly sustainable to do this job from the comfort of your own home. You may even find it easier to focus on difficult tasks from the peace and quiet of your household.


When it comes to remote working opportunities, writing will stand out to many as being the main one. With so much online content read every day, it is easy to see where the need for writers comes from. From general blog posts to news articles, there is always a need for people to compose interesting pieces. Especially if you have some sort of specialization, you can make plenty of money as a remote writer. The sort of industries that require such writers are the likes of medical and health, finance, and technology. The job contains a lot of freedom. Freelance writers can usually write for multiple clients, as well as working their own hours.

Project Manager

Most modern industries use a project manager. Their primary role is essential to plan and organize projects that will benefit their business. They will delegate particular tasks to certain members of the team. A project manager must then ensure that these jobs are done correctly and on time. It is also common that they provide clients updates, depending on the project type. Your background will not rely so much on the industry you are based in. The skills required are more so that of leadership and organization. Although not every project manager role will be remote, it is certainly doable from your home. Considering you will be monitoring a wide variety of people’s work, it could actually be easier to do it all from behind a screen.

Software Engineer

If you have the skills and qualifications to be a software engineer, chances are you won’t be short of job opportunities. The industry contains jobs and roles such as web development, app development, and data analyst. Many software engineers will only work remotely, considering that all of their work will see them behind their computers.

Web Designer

If you are not too interested in software engineering, becoming a web designer could be a more appealing option. This role sees individuals design the graphics, layout, functions, and color scheme of a website. As nearly every company and business in the world needs a website, it is not surprising that web designers are in quite high demand. However, many web designers will find that most of their success and business comes from freelance work. This is because many organizations do not require the frequent use of web designers, or if they do, it is for minor things.

Social Media Manager

Just like a website, nearly every business needs a social media account or two. Social media marketing is a relatively new thing, so many people are not educated on the matter. Running a business account on social media is not exactly like using your personal account. So if you have no previous experience as a social media marketer, it’s best to hire a professional. The role of a social media manager will see their market on the company’s social media accounts. Your work should help the pages grow and develop, which will eventually lead to more growth and success for said company. Many social media managers work as freelancers, managing multiple accounts at one given time.


When you think of teaching, you picture a classroom and kids, right? There are actually other remote teaching opportunities, however. For example, music, photography, and history lessons can all definitely be done online. When the subject doesn’t require any physical demands, your students’ need is non-existent. In addition, teaching remotely online is definitely better for an older audience. This is worth keeping in mind if it is something you are striving for. Although the pandemic showed young people are capable of learning from home, it is not as effective as it is with adults.


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