How has technology improved health

How has technology improved health?

The medical industry has been greatly improved by technological developments and every day it seems as though there are more gadgets being designed to help out those in need. Technology helps us keep an eye on our own health and is improving the way we diagnose and treat all manner of health problems.

More access to information

Technology has helped to keep us informed and keep tabs on our own health. When we don’t have access to a doctor’s clinic we have a lot of options for getting help. We can turn to the internet for answers, message professionals online, or call our doctors from anywhere to anywhere in the world. Doctors are also benefitting from access to information. They can easily consult colleagues around the world to get information and can stay in contact with us to keep track of our health conditions if we’re not available to see them.

Artificial limbs/organs

There have been many incredible advances in the study of artificial limbs and organs. Not very long ago the first artificial limb was created that was capable of feeling and feeding physical sensations directly to the brain. Artificial organs have also undergone great development and thanks to the invention of robotic muscles it may soon be possible for a person to live with a completely robotic heart. These robotic muscles can keep the heart pumping when it’s stopped and help to carry blood around the body, which would be a great solution for individuals with weakened hearts.

Tracking and testing for health conditions

Tests for certain health conditions are becoming more and more advanced thanks to technology. Electrocardiography, sonography, x-ray computed tomography and magnetic resource imaging are all possible thanks to technology and with these technologies we are able to quickly spot and diagnose many dangerous health conditions. When we are able to detect these conditions earlier, patients can start treatment sooner and are more likely to survive. Lab testing processes have also vastly improved thanks to improved technology and tests that used to take weeks to conduct can now be accurately done in days.


Many cosmetic procedures used to come with a lot of risks or complications, but technology has completely changed medical cosmetics. We use a laser for ipl hair removal treatments, can perform face transplants, intricate reconstructive surgeries and can drastically improve the condition of skin without any surgery thanks to radiofrequency and carbon dioxide lasers.

Improving physical fitness

There are many different kinds of technology that are helping all of us improve our physical fitness. Firstly, there are all manner of devices that can be used to track your progress as you exercise, helping you know when you have reached your daily requirement of physical activity. Apps have also been a great help and are keeping us motivated. There are many different kind of apps that allow you to share your progress with your friends, receive rewards for meeting your fitness goals, and give you entertaining physical challenges to keep you motivated. Technology is helping us to take charge of our own health.


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