Samsung BD-P1000 Blu-ray Player Gets Firmware Fix

If you have been following the next generation optical wars you may know that the Samsung Blu-ray player has a few issues. Samsung has released the first firmware update for their BD-P1000. This version fixes some odd DTS issues, but is not the big firmware upgrade most have been waiting for, the one that tweaks the settings for video processor […]

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NEC makes hybrid chipset for BR and HD-DVD!

Matt, our resident Media Center expert, spotted a beauty of a story today. In an effort to make the format war more like a little girl's tea part, NEC has shipped a chipset that will work with Blu-ray and HD DVD. See? If Sony and Toshiba could just get together and sing cumbaya, we would be a lot better off […]

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DirecTV, HDTV, and the Resolution Question


If you all don't remember way back in 2004 a DirecTV customer filed lawsuit saying that he had signed up for HDTV service and was soon getting sub-par results. He claims DirecTV is engaged in unlawful or fraudulent business practices by not delivering actual high definition signals. As most of us in the audio/videophille world know DirecTV started cutting bit […]

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