Garmin Announces Edge 530 & 830

The Edge 830 costs $100 more than the 530, but there isn’t much daylight between the two otherwise. Although, according to Garmin the 830 is smaller and lighter than the 530. Both are packed with features, and address two of my complaints with my 520 Plus: Wi-Fi frees you from the mobile for syncing and support for BTLE sensors. Today […]

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SiriusXM Edge First 2.0 Satellite Radio

SiriusXM Edge

The unannounced SiriusXM Lynx receiver was looking likely to be the first SiriusXM 2.0 device, but SiriusXM has trumped themselves with the announcement of the SiriusXM Edge Dock and Play Radio. The Edge lacks the touchscreen and Android OS of the Lynx, but it does tap into SiriusXM 2.0’s Xtra Channels, an expanded lineup of radio stations. The Edge will […]

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