Setting Guardrails?

One of the things I wonder, and worry, about as a content-creator (ugh, I hate that term) is how much responsibility is there to set and communicate the limitations/considerations/disclaimers around the things we create. Is there a duty to set guardrails? If so, what are those limits and is the value in the effort or the durability?

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Hubitat Elevation C-8 Released

Hubitat just released what looks to be a solid upgrade from the previous (C-7) version of the Elevation home automation controller. Key changes are the Zigbee radio update (which should enable Matter/Thread compatibility later this year), inclusion of Wi-Fi (no word on what standard), and external antennas. External antennas might be the biggest improvement, at least IMO. Hopefully, it will […]

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I don’t talk about CPUs much anymore…

But that doesn’t mean I’m not still interested. It’s more that not much that I’ve found interesting has happened in the last few years. Sure everything is getting faster, but at least in the PC space, the slow incremental march forward has no practical impact on my usage because a five year old CPU is way more compute than I […]

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