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Jeremy Duncan

Technical part 1: Optics

• have light from a source, a pixel, shine on a mirror.

• have this pixel Light split into multiple beams once it strikes the mirror, multiple because there are is not only one mirror but multiple individual mirrors,

• this reflection is kept in a small divergence angle, similar to a laser pens beam,

• sent to a specific coordinate,

• then this specific coordinate changes and the beam is redirected because the beam is traveling through a adjustable convex lens. Technical part 2: The Venn Diagram.

• A Is the light connecting with the mirrors.

• AnC is the refrection from the mirrors in seven individual beams.

• B Is the light connecting with the mirrors, but the mirrors go to the light. • BnC is the reflection split from the mirrors but moves to the light to watch the mirror that created it.

• AnB Is the Light giving mirror groups with the B Mirror that is drawn to meet the light.

• AnBnC Is the beams of reflected light from mirror AnC, is giving light to the reflection light from mirror BnC to follow. _____________________________________________

 Main Theory:

• If the light from the mirrors and reflected light from the mirror can be used to create a story. It can do so because it shines and gives.

If we change what it shines and gives too – we can change the story.

Perhaps it cautiously skims over giving to one pocket, and prefers to give to some other pocket.

• The Movie is split up into sections that each are made up of similar smaller parts.

The scene begins with no motive to follow. There is only friendly discussion or conduct. There is no division from A and AnC.

Then the scene changes, and somebody is followed. The question is followed by who and why? The light is received by the B and BnC. So A and AnC meet B and BnC.

Then it is seen who is following the A and AnC. It may be a unsavoury character. This character may need to explain why they are following you. They may try and explain to A and AnC that they are not malicious and put themselves in a new understood relationship with A and AnC.

How did B and BnC get noticed? Did one part of A and AnC cause the division that made B and BnC? Of course. How they did it is the question the author creates though.


Notes to myself on possible new theories:

Note 1:

• The light is a analogy of a person.

There is a grid matrix of pockets that receive light from the mirrors and reflected light from the mirrors. The person shines inside one of these pockets.

The pockets in this grid hold different levels of existence possible for this person to live in and experience life in.

One possibility, is one of the pockets in that grid act as a sort of Black Hole – Light cannot escape a Black Hole.

Note 2:

• The matrix pocket = the illness.

• The light from the mirrors and reflected light from the mirrors = the immune system.

Medicine on a wound or illness, can help the immune system work.

A parallel of this is the medicine is a mediator between the light and pocket. This medicine changes the way the light heals the pocket.