Pioneer Power Meter SBT-PM91: Using The Data

The main reason I decided on the Pioneer SBT-PM91 Power Meter is the extra data it provides. In addition to the real left/right balance that any true L/R power meter delivers, it also surfaces insight into stroke dynamics and “efficiency”. There are many options on the market, this video outlines the rationale and some basic things I’ve learned in the […]

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Pioneer SBT-PM91 Magnet Replacement

It’s really easy to replace the magnets that come with the Pioneer SBT PM91 power meter. I swapped them originally because I wasn’t happy with the placement/aesthetics of the non-drive side magnet (looked horrible), but discovered afterwards that the data quality has improved when riding indoors as well.

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Apple Screen Time

Apple’s recent iOS12 release brought significant updates to the platform. The one I’m most interested is Screen Time. I was looking at an external parental control network device, for example Circle. iOS12 offers parental control, which seems to remove the need for an external device at least for iOS devices. Use In the past iOS parental controls were more atomized. […]

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