Jan 30 2012

Review - VooMote Zapper Universal Remote for the iPod/iPhone/iPad

Missing Remote has a strong attachment to remotes. When we find a universal remote we do a dance because we hopefully can have one remote to rule all the media play back units under our TV and hopefully our HTPC as well. We have already viewed the Peel Universal Smart Remote for iPhone and Android, as well as the Griffin Beacon Universal Remote for iPhone. With no shortage of many other devices on the market like Logitech Harmony line of remotes. The VooMote Zapper is slightly different because it turns your Apple iDevice(iPhone/iPad/iPod), sorry no Android currently, into an all in one remote solution without any secondary accessories, besides the VooMote Zapper that plugs directly into the iPhone/iPad/iPod. It has a database with a large amount of TV/VCR/Blu-ray/Receivers/Roku/etc codes already stored internally. If the IR code is not stored the application can learn from other IR remotes that are not stored in the database. If the code is not included, then it becomes a learning remote. This remote also has a macro mode, or One Touch, so you can have it control multiple devices by one button. You can set this up to have one function turn on the TV, Blu-ray, turn the TV to the right input, and eject the Blu-ray disc. It also supports gestures for device control. Gesture control allows you to swipe the screen to control the volume or other quick controls. One View allows you to have all of your device controls on one screen. The VooMote Zapper would be a replacement for all of your universal remotes; the programming of this remote is simple, you can customize each screen to your liking. All of your other remotes in your house may become lonely and will be looking for attention once you get the VooMote Zapper setup.

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