May 10 2015

Podcast - MissingRemote Podcast 58 - HTPC, What Next?

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SiliconDust is doing a Kickstarter for their new Network DVR Solution to replace Windows Media Center that has officially announced that it will not be coming to Windows 10. What are your options for recording and watching TV in your house now that WMC is going away? We talk about the advancement of tech in everything that we use.

This show is run by Kyle Button (@techbutton), Senior Editor and social media director of MissingRemote.com and Co-founder of Geekinated and is joined this week by Eric Hall (@wxrocks), Mathew Adamson (@MinnesotaMathew), Eric Hall (@wxrocks) and John McMahon (@JohnMcMahon_), all Co-founders of Geekinated. Check out the show notes and links below. You can follow us on the Geekinated YouTube Channel for Video Podcast, we are also on iTunes. Each podcast is powered by Geekinated. Check out the Geekinated Podcast that happens right after this podcast every week posted on Geekinated.com. Where we branch out and talk about everything Geek.

MP3 Download: http://s.missingremote.com/podcast/MissingRemoteEp58.mp3

YouTube Link: http://youtu.be/aGJOWbmupq8


MissingRemote Podcast

May 23 2011

Podcast - The MissingRemote Podcast - Episode 5

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It's the third week of the month, which means it's time for our monthly MissingRemote Podcast. This month we had our usual troublemakers: Aaron Ledger (@Swoon_), Andrew Van Til (@Babgvant), Josh Shenkle (@Umdivx) and Kyle Button (@techbutton), and for his first month welcome Matt Miller. I'm your host Mike Garcen (@missingremote and @Mikegarcen).

And as usual warning, since we are doing this only once a month and we have a ton of topics to cover, these shows are a bit longer than your typical podcasts so feel free to skip around or enjoy it over some time.

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MissingRemote Podcast

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