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Dec 25 2011

News - Western Digital Releases WD TV Live Remote App for Android

WD TV Remote for ANdroid

Well, that was fast. Just a couple of days ago, Western Digital dropped a big update on the WD TV Live family of devices along with a brand new remote control app for iOS devices, with the promise that an Android version of the app would be available soon. Usually that means a few weeks, not days. The Android version of the WD TV Remote is now available in the Android Marketplace and brings with it essentially the same set of features such as direct access to online services, gesture control, and an onscreen QWERTY keyboard for text input.

Only days after releasing an equivalent app for iOS, Western Digital has just released WD TV Remote, a free Android app that connects to your Western Digital set-top box over a WiFi connection and allows you to control it from any Android-based device.


Dec 22 2011

News - WD TV Live Streamers Updated with New Services and iOS Remote Control App

Western Digital has pushed out a new update for the WD TV Live and WD TV Live Hub, adding a number of new services and providing support for the newly released WD TV Remote App. The new remote control app is currently only available for iOS devices, but there is an Android version  in the works. The app provides gestural controls, direct access to the WD TV Live's services, and  a QWERTY keyboard for text input.


As to the new services, the update brings six new services to the streamers:

  • Watch Mojo
  • Comedy Time
  • SEC Digital Network
  • XOS College Sports
  • SnagFilms
  • VUDU

WD TV customers now have access to VUDU's large HD library of movies and TV titles instantly on their home entertainment systems. WD supports the HDX™ video format that features 1080p Full HD video and rich Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 audio, allowing users to enjoy a cinema-like experience at home with the hottest new releases available on-demand without any subscription fees or late fees. 

Wetern Digital

Nov 23 2011

News - WD TV Live Reviewed

WD TV LiveWestern Digital has been quietly adding new services such as Spotify and Vimeo to their WD TV Live media streamers, working to make their little streamers ever more attractive. The guys at Silent PC Review took the WD TV Live for a spin with an eye to how it compares to an HTPC. I've recommended previous WD TV devices to folks before and even played with the WD TV Live Hub for a short time after it came out and liked what I saw. The selection of online services was relatively paltry at that time, but it sounds like the selection has been rounded out nicely. More importantly, it sounds like the WD TV Live is continuing to build on Western Digital's reputation for file compatibility.

However, the navigation and playback controls on the WDTVL are quick and responsive, and it has native capability to play the ever-popular MKV video files, unlike any native Windows software (like Media Center). In fact, the WD never balked at any video file type I thre at it. 


Nov 18 2011

News - Western Digital adds Vimeo to WD TV

Last month is was Spotify, this month it is Vimeo and Playjam. Western Digital has been on a roll recently with updates and addons left and right for its WD TV platform. The recent round of updates adds Vimeo support, if you you are not familiar with Vimeo, think YouTube but better. The other addon this time is Playjam, a gaming platform that will add hours of mindless fun.

The WD TV Live may not have the clout of Roku or Boxee, but these little streaming boxes are a good choice for streamers and home media enthusiasts. They added Spotify to the lineup last month, which makes the box a solid replacement for your laptop or iPod when you just need a few tunes, and now they’ve announced Vimeo and Playjam access as well.

That’s really all there is to it.

You know Vimeo, no doubt, and Playjam is a games channel full of time-wasters to play while you’re waiting for your movie load up or transfer. They’ll both be installed via a firmware update for the WD TV.

Tech Crunch

Oct 06 2011

News - Western Digital Announces the New WD TV Live with Spotify

Western Digital announced today their newest entry into the WD TV family of media streamers, the WD TV Live. The WD TV Live drops the 1 TB drive of the WD TV Live Hub to create a smaller box reminiscent of previous WD TV models, but with the improved UI and service support of the WD TV Live Hub. Western Digital does not indicate whether the Live and the Live Hub are using the same SoC, but a quick perusal of the specs for each does show format support parity.

Western Digital is also touting the WD TV Live as the first media streamer with Spotify support, though the press release indicates that Spotify support is being adding to the WD TV Live Hub. The WD TV Live streamers will also be adding Dailymotion to their list of online services.

I have been consistently impressed with Western Digital's streamers. I had a 1st generation WD TV in my wife's gym for a couple of years and spent several weeks testing out a WD TV Live Hub, but just could not justify the expense that the internal drive added when I was streaming everything off my WHS, even though I thoroughly enjoyed the new UI that it introduced. Priced at $99.99 USD, this slimmed-down WD TV Live sounds pretty ideal for those who do not need the local storage. 

Adding to the WD TV family's current content offerings from Netflix, Hulu Plus, Blockbuster, CinemaNow®, Pandora®, YouTube™, Facebook® and many others, WD TV Live and WD TV® Live Hub™ are the first streaming media players to deliver Spotify's acclaimed music service. Premium Spotify subscribers can now enjoy unlimited on-demand access to Spotify's catalog of over 15 million songs in excellent sound quality (available in up to 320kbps) on their home entertainment system.

Western Digital

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