Oct 18 2011

Guide - Using the Native Video and Picture Library

Using the Native Video and Picture Library

Recently we created a guide on how to use the Movie Library within Microsoft Windows 7 Media Center (“7MC”). Today we are going to look at adding files to the native Video and Pictures Library. This guide will cover:

1. How to add files to the library

2. What types of files can be added to each library

Adding Files to the Library

In order to add videos and pictures to the library, you will need to tell Windows 7 Media Center which folders it should “watch” for new files. First, on the home screen, navigate to the “Settings” menu.


Once in the settings menu, navigate to the “Media Libraries” option. This launches the media library wizard. From here, you can add folders for all five libraries that 7MC uses: Music, Pictures, Videos, Recorded TV, and Movies. The process to add and remove folders to each library is identical; today we are looking at pictures and videos, so select which file you would like to add and press next.

 Media Library Page 1

Depending on whether you already have folders added to the library you will either have the option to both add and remove folders; or, if this is your first time, you will only have the option to add folders to the library.

No folders Present

No Folders Present 

Folders Present

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