Nov 30 2016

News - Storage speed differences made real

If you pay attention to computer hardware, it's obvious that NVMe rules the roost. All the benchmarks back this up, but seeing it on a chart doesn't really have the same impact as seeing it. Which is why I really like the video that Techspot did highlighting the differences. It does get a little repetitive, so it's OK to just watch the first few clips. There won't be a test after.

Jan 20 2016

News - Intel 750 NVMe SSD reviewed @ Technology X

For most workloads, I find my PC to be I/O limited much more frequently than by the CPU, so while an NVMe SSD wouldn't find it's way into most HTPCs... I still think it's cool enough to post a review of Intel's 750 SSD Smile.

Nov 25 2013

News - WD Black2 2 in 1 SSD and HD 2.5" inch Dual Drive

WD has just announced and released a new Black2 SSD/HD 2.5 hybrid drive. It pairs a 120GB SSD with a 1TB drive. The drive has been designed for System Builders, Media Enthusiasts, Gamers, and Awesome People like us, well it doesn't say that but we are all awesome.

The drive uses WD "Shift_Technology" that allows you to choose what drive to store the data. It is considered a dual drive and uses SATA 3 interface. Read speeds of 350MB/s, with a minimum of 600,000 unload/load cycles. Sounds like the perfect fit for some of the smaller HTPC that need a speed increase without losing space. Looks like it is retailing for $299 on Newegg.

"WD Black2 combines the shock and vibration resistance of SSD with the proven technology of the HDD for one truly agile and highly reliable dual drive storage solution. Advanced firmware and intelligent algorithms assist in heightened performance, resulting in cooler temperatures with nearly inaudible operation," reads the product sheet.

Dec 19 2011

News - Hard drive manufacturers slash warranty periods

If you're considering a hard-drive purchase in the next 6 months, here's a pretty compelling reason to buy before the end of the year.

I must confess, this smells a little bit like anti-trust behavior to me.   As a consumer, are you going to stop buying Seagate and WD drives based upon their warranty?   I suspect they realized that price is the #1 driver of HD purchase decisions and this will allow them to undercut the second tier competitors at least until they follow suit.

It also reminds me of what happen to the Airlines.   People demanded the lowest fare, hence the quality of service continued to drop to match customer demands.   Perhaps the market is just getting what it's asking for.

Seagate's warranties on certain drives will be reduced as of Dec. 31, and WD will follow beginning Jan. 2. All drives shipped prior to those dates will continue to carry the current warranty term associated with the products.

Computer World


Sep 23 2011

News - OCZ SSD Hard Drive Cache

Like the OCZ combined product, the SSD hard drive cache is probably not very interesting for the average HTPC deployment since a video stream probably isn't hot (i.e. the same data is not being read over and over again); but, if you could use the same device to cache a Network drive, and assuming the caching algorithm uses some intelligent read-ahead  (e.g. If I just read block 1-10,000, pre-caching blocks 10,001-n might be a good idea) then we'd have something pretty interesting.

Presumably, a recorded show would stay in the SSD cache until room was needed, meaning the commecial processing could complete without having to completely re-read it off the network drive.

Hard disk drives are getting a caching flash wrapper if OCZ has its way. Watch out for this SSD supplier's Synapse caching flasher.

Not content with the RevoDrive Hybrid, a PCIe card containing a flash memory store and DataPlex software to manage the on-card hard drive, OCZ has revved its cocktail of components and crafted a new drink for keen flashers, the Synapse Cache Solid State Drive (SSD).



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