Feb 04 2014

News - Yamaha Adds Spotify Connect to AVRs

It's always great when an OEM adds value to devices in the field (instead of asking you to upgrade your hardware), so it's welcome news that Yamaha is adding support for Spotify Connect via a firmware update to select audio video receivers (AVR). I've never spent much time with the service so I can't speak to how useful it is in practice, let us know in the comments if this is a critical (or meh) feature add for you.

PR and list of supported AVR after the click.

Dec 01 2011

News - Spotify Becoming Even More Social and Adding Apps

Spotify has always had a strong social media bent that has only become more pervasive as Spotify has intensified its relationship with Facebook, however most of the attention has been on sharing your music listening activities with the wider world. Spotify is looking inward with their latest Spotify client. Rather than just sharing your activities out to Facebook, the Spotify client now sports a ticker of what your friends are listening to and trending albums and tracks.

The bigger news is Spotify's announcement that they are turning the Spotify client into an apps platform. The first 11 apps are still in beta form at this point and they focus on editorial content from sources such as Rolling Stone and Billboard or playlist generation such as the app from Moodagent. There is also a app that hints at how third party music services might incorporate their music discovery services into Spotify though I suspect there where will be few music streaming services that have enough side business in music discovery to risk cannibalizing their own streaming services.

 It's a beta release, and we're only seeing 11 partners at launch today. Installing apps reminds us of adding browser extensions. Just tap the add button, and the HTML5 app will appear in the left rail under the Apps listing. It's a simple process, the apps are free, and many of the apps don't require you to login to a separate service or authorize.

The Verge

Nov 11 2011

News - Spotify Roundup:Love for Windows Phone 7 and Roku

Spotify Love

Spotify just can't keep its social media sharing music service to itself. Earlier this week Spotify launched their Windows Phone 7 app. Spotify was announced for the platform at MIX11 back in April. Obviously after such a long wait you would hope it turned out pretty good. If you are a Spotify subscriber and Windows Phone 7 user, it sounds like there is no excuse not load this app up right now.

 One of the reasons that Spotify says the app took so long to make it into the Marketplace is that they were working on getting it looking and feeling perfect—like an extension of Windows Phone's Metro UI instead of just another third party app. They nailed it. 


Also this week, word leaked out that Roku is next in line to receive some Spotify love. This is not surprising news given that Boxee and the WDTV Live have already receive Spotify apps in recent weeks. The development screens suggest the Roku Spotify channel is already pretty far along.

Roku users will soon be able to access their Spotify playlists on the device: A dedicated Spotify channel for Roku is apparently close to being launched, I’ve been told by a source familiar with both companies’ plans.


Oct 28 2011

News - Boxee iPad App Updated to Version 1.2

BoxeeIt seems no media streamer is complete these days without an accompanying mobile device app, and the Boxee Box is no exception. We liked the Boxee iPad when it launched a few months ago and it just keeps getting better. Like many other streamer apps, Boxee for iPad now includes remote control functionality, along with a collection of improvements to remote media streaming and playback.

iPad owners can also pause video sent to their Box and pick up later where they left off, using the Boxee Media Manager. And, as expected, AirPlay sessions can now run in the background, giving you one less thing to worry about while lazing on the couch.


Oct 17 2011

News - Updates Incoming for Virgin Media TiVo Users, Including Spotify

Virgin Media TiVo

Virgin Media is preparing to roll out an update to TiVo users that will bring a slew of performance improvements and new functions. The update is expected to include some big features such multiroom streaming, BBC iPlayer and Red Button support, and TiVo App support, but the feature that will likely catch the most attention outside of the UK will be the addition of Spotify support. Virgin Media and Spotify have a cozy relationship, so this might end being a Virgin Media exclusive, but you can bet that fingers will be crossed that TiVo and Spotify will share the love.

Virgin Media Tivo users are going to get a nice bunch new features in the next rollout of the software release. The update will add Spotify, app support so you can browse and control the box from an iOS devices, full BBC iPlayer integration and some other interesting features.


Oct 14 2011

News - Spotify App Now Available on Boxee

The developers of Boxee have now teamed up with the folks over at Spotify and join forces and add the Spotify service to the Boxee platform. Now those Boxee users who are paying for the premium ($9.99/month) service are now able to access their unlimited streaming account from the comfort of their couch.

I recently joined the Spotify bandwagon and haven't looked back. I access it via my Android phone, my Logitech Squeezebox, and through my HTPC via the dedicated Spotify app. All in all it is a great service and it is awesome to see it expanding to other services as fast as it is.

Boxee Box owners who are also paying Spotify users, rejoice, for the two have been combined into one sweet music streaming app.

Boxee users with a Spotify Premium subscribers ($9.99 per month) can now enjoy on-demand access to Spotify’s millions of available tracks directly on their TV.

Just last week, Spotify announced a deal with Western Digital to make its way onto television screens in the United States, and the partnership with Boxee is a sign that the company is further intensifying its efforts to make TV its third screen.

And boy has this Boxee deal been a long time coming.


Oct 06 2011

News - Western Digital Announces the New WD TV Live with Spotify

Western Digital announced today their newest entry into the WD TV family of media streamers, the WD TV Live. The WD TV Live drops the 1 TB drive of the WD TV Live Hub to create a smaller box reminiscent of previous WD TV models, but with the improved UI and service support of the WD TV Live Hub. Western Digital does not indicate whether the Live and the Live Hub are using the same SoC, but a quick perusal of the specs for each does show format support parity.

Western Digital is also touting the WD TV Live as the first media streamer with Spotify support, though the press release indicates that Spotify support is being adding to the WD TV Live Hub. The WD TV Live streamers will also be adding Dailymotion to their list of online services.

I have been consistently impressed with Western Digital's streamers. I had a 1st generation WD TV in my wife's gym for a couple of years and spent several weeks testing out a WD TV Live Hub, but just could not justify the expense that the internal drive added when I was streaming everything off my WHS, even though I thoroughly enjoyed the new UI that it introduced. Priced at $99.99 USD, this slimmed-down WD TV Live sounds pretty ideal for those who do not need the local storage. 

Adding to the WD TV family's current content offerings from Netflix, Hulu Plus, Blockbuster, CinemaNow®, Pandora®, YouTube™, Facebook® and many others, WD TV Live and WD TV® Live Hub™ are the first streaming media players to deliver Spotify's acclaimed music service. Premium Spotify subscribers can now enjoy unlimited on-demand access to Spotify's catalog of over 15 million songs in excellent sound quality (available in up to 320kbps) on their home entertainment system.

Western Digital

--Complete Press Release after the break.--

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