Oct 04 2017

News - Sonos Voice Control - FINALLY! ...soon

Sonos Play1

Today, Sonos finally let us know that voice control in on its way. It was originally announced almost a year ago and the company has been extremely quiet on their progress. People got excited when they updated their terms of service to include wording which seemed indicative of the requirements for voice control. So, what are we getting?

Nov 16 2015

News - RHT Reviews Sonos PLAY:5

Between you and me, I don't really get wireless systems like Sonos. They are popular, and an expanding market, so maybe the problem is that I just haven't used one. Is that the key? The reviewer at Reference Home Theater sure seemed to like it.

Dec 03 2011

News - Sonos Adds Slacker, Labs, and Android Tablet Support

The folks over at Sonos continue to push their whole-home music solution to take advantage of new devices and services. They have updated the Sonos controller app with native Android tablet support, including support for the Kindle Fire. The Android tablet version of the app has been reformatted to take advantage of the extra screen real estate and adds Twitter integration and enhanced zone and device control. Sonos has also added support for Slacker to their devices, but perhaps the most interesting addition is Sonos Labs. Sonos Labs allows Sonos users to test new services while still under development for the platform. One of the things I like about Squeezebox is its assortment of unofficial third-party plugins that provide new features and access to new services, many of which eventually get added officially. Sonos Labs sounds like it might provide a similar testing grounds for Sonos that can help new services and features mature faster.

An update to the Sonos firmware and controller now allows Android users to manage their devices on a Honeycomb tablet in a native slate format, eschewing the original portrait-only Android phone app. The new version supports the Kindle Fire as well.


Aug 26 2011

News - playGo USB Music Streaming Device

playGo USB Product ShotCould this be a viable competitor to the Sonos?  I'm not so sure.  I will absolutely give this company credit for two things.  First, this is designed, manufactured, and hand-assembled in the U.S.  Second, the case is actually made out of DuPont Corian.  Yes, the same stuff they make countertops out of!  Looking at their--somewhat sparse--website, it doesn't mention any sort of GUI controls, though, and that has me concerned.  I hope it's not solely via the touch controls on the case.  Part of Sonos' appeal definitely stems from their amazing interface for controlling your music.

The audio is output digitally and the wireless range for the music is 75-feet. The playGo USB was designed, manufactured, and hand assembled in the US. The device measures 4″ x 4″ x 1″ and has playback controls on top of the sender. The system will automatically find the clearest channel between the sender and receiver for no interference. The receiver does need an AC adapter. The receiver has 2-channel analog output with gold RCA connections and a digital audio output. It comes with the cables needed for connection. The only big downside is that the playGo USB system costs $449.99.


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