Aug 05 2014

News - Slingbox M1 Review

Slingbox is at it again, with a less expensive model in their M1. Now, while the hardware is less expensive, Ben points out that the desktop application is free but the tablet/phone versions cost $15 each. Overall, it's not a revolutionary release for Slingbox, but it's good to see they are still producing new products.

Like all Slingboxes before it, the M1 can stream live and DVRed programs to your mobile devices, but this time, it's $150, making it the least expensive model yet. In particular, it's $30 cheaper than its predecessor and boasts the same feature set, but with the addition of built-in WiFi, so you don't need to park the box next to an Ethernet jack.


Jan 15 2014

News - Dish @ CES 2014

Dish Network once again brought their “A game” to CES, and not without the lack of advertising everywhere, they are bring a ton of changes to the Hopper lineup. Currently they have Hopper Dish Logoand Joey with some Slingbox action thrown in. Coming soon in Q2 they will be adding many more features to their device lineup and upgrades to their already stellar devices.

Oct 01 2012

News - Unannounced Slingbox 350 and Slingbox 500 Pop Up at Best Buy

 Slingbox 350 and Slingbox 500

Who needs press releases when you have Best Buy? Over the weekend, AVS Forum member, ashoemaker, stumbled across the unannounced Logitech Harmony Touch remote control sitting on a shelf. The next day, Dave Zatz of Zatz not Funny cruises down to his local Best Buy in hopes of picking up one the unannounced Harmony remotes, and instead stumbles across a couple of unannounced Slingboxes, the Slingbox 350 and the Slingbox 500. Best Buy would not let him purchase either unit, which is unfortunate as there are few reviewers better qualified to run these new Slingboxes through their paces, but they did suggest he try again in mid-October. He was able to snap some pics and glean a few bits from scanning the boxes including 1080p streaming and integrated Wi-Fi. It also looks like the ATSC tuner is being dropped, which cord-cutters like myself will find disheartening, but hopefully it just didn't make the specs list on the box.

Whoa! I hit Best Buy looking for this unannounced Logitech Harmony Touch… but, instead, stumbled upon a pair of unannounced Slingboxes. To put these new products in perspective, the last significant retail Slingbox hardware refresh was announced four years ago —  back when I was part of the team. And, frankly, I had worried that under Echostar’s stewardship they’d abandon retail in favor of SlingLoaded cable and satellite solutions. 

Zatz not Funny

Jan 04 2012

News - Broadcom to Put Sling on a Chip

This morning the silicon chip manufacture Broadcom announced a joint venture with EcoStar the owners of SlingMedia to bring the SlingPlayer to embedded systems. The announcement means box manufactures will be able to embed the new chip into their set top boxes and get fully SlingPlayer functionality. 

Some very interesting news there, hopefully we will be able to see something out of CES using this new chip.

This morning the chip maker announced anintegration deal with EchoStar to embed Sling place-shifting techin its dual-tuner HD gateway system on a chip (SoC), the BCM7425. The news means set-top makers, like heavyweights Motorola and Cisco, will soon be able to add a dose of Sling into their set-tops with the help of one of their existing suppliers.


Dec 16 2011

News - SlingPlayer Web App Released for Google TV

SlingPlayer for Google TV

Sling Media has been working hard to get their SlingPlayer app deployed as broadly as possible. Most recently we saw apps for Facebook and then the Boxee Box, and now the SingPlayer app is available on Google TV. Officially called SlingPlayer for Logitech Revue, it will reportedly work just fine on Sony's Google TV hardware as well. I suspect it will also work quite well on forthcoming Google TV hardware as it is a web app rather than a native Android app. It can be found under the "Spotlight" section of the main menu and appears to work much like the app on the Boxee Box, however I have noticed a couple of times that one must be careful of using the back button on the remote as it will unceremoniously dump you out of the app as it navigates back to the previous webpage. 

Slingbox maker Sling Media quietly rolled out official support for Google TVWednesday night with the launch of a SlingPlayer web app optimized for the smart TV platform. Google TV support and a closed beta test had been announced earlier this year, but now it’s available for everyone who owns both a SlingBox and one of Logitech’s Revue set-top boxes. 


Nov 18 2011

News - Sling Media Launches SlingPlayer Facebook App

Sling Media seems to have made it their mission to make sure that Slingbox owners can access their television from anywhere in the world on any device imaginable. Now, just to make sure that they haven't left any stone unturned, Sling has also launched a SlingPlayer for Facebook app. Slingbox SOLO and Slingbox PRO-HD users need to update to the latest firmware, install the new Facebook, and then sign into their accounts and they will be able to control their Slingbox in much the same way they would from the Slingbox website. The only real difference is the addition of a status bar running down the side of the screen for sharing what you are watching for your friends to comment on. Sling is promising that more social integration features are coming. Any suggestions on what Sling ought to add first?

SlingPlayer for Facebook

Slingbox has made the act of watching your television from anywhere stupendously easy over the years, and now the company has added yet another way to catch up on Community on the go: now you can watch from your Facebook account.


Jul 18 2011

News - Orb Networks releases Orb Live

I've always been interested in Orb Networks as they used to provide a free "Slingbox" app for your HTPC which allowed you to stream live or recorded TV shows from your home to where ever you are.    Unfortunately, it didn't like to share the TV tuner with Media Center (nor could it deal with the CableCard tuner) but it did handle WTV files and I did use it occasionally to watch a recorded show on my phone.  But I didn't find myself using it enough to justify hacking my firewall to allow the magic wakeup packet through to the HTPC.

Anyways, it appears Orb has moved into selling hardware.  They've also just released a $9.99 iPhone app.  The Orb Caster software is still a free download and it will also stream Hulu as well (which gets around Hulu's mobile tax, which I can't imagine they'll be happy about).   Need to find some time to investigate whether it will still playback on a browser from the Orb website.

If Orb can ever manage to get CableCard certification, it would make it a pretty compelling addition.   Anyone have it working with a Colossus + IR Blaster?

Jun 22 2011

News - SlingPlayer for Boxee Box hands-on

Do you love the Boxee Box but can't live without real-time TV? Well...Slingbox is aiming to help you out as they are working on an app for Boxee that will let you stream directly to it. It's kind of a cluster as you have to launch the app, then connect to the Slingbox, and then start streaming...but it's a step in the right direction.

The player launched without issue on the demo system we saw, and the interface should feel familiar if you've used any of the SlingPlayer mobile apps. Sling says the application will appear in the list of Boxee apps and in the Spotlight on Google TV when it hits public beta within the next month, or you can sign up to be notified on Sling's website. Post-beta pricing and availability details haven't been released, but you can get your TV fix for free for the duration of the beta period.


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