Dec 04 2011

Blog - MythTV Reloaded - Day 20

So, there was one more enhancement that I decided to make to the frontend before putting it back into service.  While I was looking into getting the suspend function mapped to a button on my remote, I ran across this page on the MythTV wiki.  While the command shown for suspending the PC didn't work for me, I did like the idea of adding an entry on the main MythTV menu for putting the computer to sleep.  That way, if for whatever reason the frontend was being controlled by a keyboard or remotely, it would still be possible to put the system to sleep easily without the remote.  I was able to follow the instructions pretty much as written but changing my theme for the one in the example.  The only thing that was different was that I needed to make a second entry for the button icon.  When the icon is highlighted the icon was supposed to stretch to fill a slightly bigger box but without this second entry there was no stretching.  As a result, all of the icons shown after were offset from their tile outline by about 5-10% and it looked pretty bad.  So I found the place to put the second entry (an exact copy of the first entry, just in a different spot in the code), restarted the frontend app and away I went.  Everything looks great, and I have a new sleep icon.  

So, now I think that I'm really ready to put the system into use.  Until then, enjoy.  I know I will.

Dec 03 2011

Blog - MythTV Reloaded - Day 19

Today was spent primarily on cleanup work.  Most of the time was creating the lircrc file for MythTV to use, which maps the remote control button codes to commands within an application.  Luckily for me I had a backup of the lircrc files that I had been using before the upgrade.  The only problem is that all of the button names changed with the update of LIRC. So instead of "Play" I had to change the config file to act on "KEY_PLAY".  They standardized all of the names on me.  So most of my time was spent figuring out what the proper name was for all of the buttons on my remote and mapping those to the correct commands in MythTV.  

Once that was done I had all of the functionality that I had in my previous install. I figured, however, that as long as I was doing this I might as well go for gold.  There were two scripts that I had found and tweaked early in my MythTV days that I was never able to get working on my previous installation of MythTV.  The first script cycled the MythTV frontend application via a button press - so if it hung I could kill the app and if it crashed and died I could restart it.  The second script suspended and woke up the computer via a button push.  I was able to wake up the frontend via a button push but was not able to get suspend to work prop ferly; every time I wanted to watch TV I would have to wait for a minute or two while the frontend booted.  Annoying, but luckily my wife was very tolerant on this problem.  As luck would have it, the frontend cycling script only needed a couple of tweaks to get it running.  The suspend script ended up using a completely new power management interface to get suspend to function properly as a user and not root, but luckily someone had already figured out how to do it and it was a non-trivial matter of Googling to find the solution.

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