Jan 25 2011

Podcast - The MissingRemote Podcast - Episode 1

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Ask and you shall receive. Or in this case, ask enough times, and then finally we'll get the courage to do this. Indeed as fortune has it, the MissingRemote staff has decided to tackle the wild world of podcasting. We will be hosting this podcast once a month, tackling all sorts of home theater and home theater PC topics that will hopefully bring about some great discussion. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we did making it.

For episode One we have some great guests--Ben Drawbaugh (@bjdraw) from EngadgetHD joins some of the MissingRemote staff, Aaron Ledger (@Swoon_), Andrew Van Til (@Babgvant), Josh Shenkle (@umdivx) and Michael Welter (@Mikinho). I'm your host Mike Garcen (@missingremote and @Mikegarcen), and while I tried to remain silent in the background, sometimes these discussions just get the better of me!

So without further delay, here are the show minutes from the show. Fair warning, since we are doing this only once a month and we have a ton of topics to cover, these shows will be a bit longer than your typical podcasts. There were a lot of topics we tried to get in, with a lot stemming from this past Consumer Electronics Show--what we saw, what we heard about, what we didn't see, and more so how all that effects the home theater landscape (or potentially will).

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