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Oct 25 2011

News - Recorded TV HD Addin for Windows Media Center updated to v1.5.2

One of my current favorite add-in for Media Center has just been update with really nice new features. For those that haven't used the Recorded TV HD add-in, what it does is gives you a new view of your recorded TV content. Similar to what My Movies does for your movie collection, Recorded TV HD takes your series recordings and allows you to view them in different ways, everything from sorting by genre, and even group your shows by season. There is a 30 day free trial for those who want to check it out, and if you like it the add-in is $20, well worth if from my experience.

The Recorded TV HD for Windows Media Center has updated with a nice new poster view as well as new colour schemes and additions and fixes. The addin really enhances the functionality of Media Center’s TV features and well worth giving the 60 day free trial a go. If you like it the full version costs $20.00

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Jul 27 2011

News - Commercial Break Viewing in Windows Media Center Sneak Peek

Commercial Break Viewer

If you are familiar with SageTV, you probably know that the software can show where commercial breaks are in the video timeline. It looks like this functionality will soon be brought to Windows Media Center courtesy of Mark Terborg and his Recorded TV HD plug-in. It looks awesome!

Notice anything about this MC screen? Coming soon to Recorded TV HD: Commercial Break Viewer. It's kind of a hack and it's not perfect but it works pretty well.

Mark Terborg

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