Oct 03 2017

News - NETGEAR adds Circle support to select routers

Circle's ARP spoofing based Internet monitoring and control scheme is an interesting way to keep tabs on what your kids are doing with their devices. Previously, to make it work you had to add their $100 hardware device inside your network. Now, if you have one of the R7000 routers that NETGEAR is supporting you can play with the tech for free. Hard to see this as anything but a bonus, and a big one at that. Worst case, you don't use it. Network OEMs rarely add significant features to their kit, great to see NETGEAR adding something as significant as this to an "ancient" system. Hopefully, others will get the upgrade as well.

Oct 01 2013

News - NETGEAR Announces R7000 – Nighthawk AC1900 Wireless Router

NETGEAR R7000 Nighthawk

Continuing the recent push towards summing Wi-Fi bands to classify wireless routers NETGEAR announced today their newest AC1900 (1300Mbps 5GHz AC + 600Mbps 2.4GHz N) Wi-Fi all-in-one the R7000 “Nighthawk”. This three stream router/access point/repeater/media bridge is based on the Broadcom 4709 Communication Processor; which is interesting for a few reasons – academically a shift away from MIPS to ARM (ARM9 in this case), but also because of the interesting applications putting a dual-core 1GHz ARM SoC in a home appliance that also offers USB 3.0 and NETGEAR’s ReadySHARE VAULT backup utility (very similar to Windows Home Server’s backup capabilities).

I had a chance to chat with NETGEAR about their newest $199 SRP home networking appliance recently – click through to see all of the interesting features it provides now, and will offer in the next firmware release as well as the full PR.

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