How Many TVs Do You Have in Your House?

Apr 07 2014
43% (34 votes)
34% (27 votes)
14% (11 votes)
7 or More
10% (8 votes)
Total votes: 80


TV, Projector, Hologram are all the same in this question.

What's the diff between a TV and a PC ( or tablet) these days, especially when your PCs can run software to display live TV?

I am looking for more of a device more than one person can watch together comforatably. 

How do you define "TV"?  My projector and 24" monitor are techinally not TVs but are hooked to media center PC.  And my actual 39" 4k TV is used soley as a computer monitor and not for TV viewing.  Not to mention tablets/phones for viewing content.  It all kinda blurs the lines these days.

Ahhhh, figures you'd reply right as my post goes through...

Yes it is all blurred. We are looking for HDBaseT ( and we were discussing how many TVs do you need to send information too. We wanted to see what you all have.. 

I am assume the people with 7 or more are counting all of their "TV" devices? Do you have one in every room? What do you have hooked up to these 7 or more TVs?


I only marked 3-4 but I'm planning to convert a couple more old computer LCD's to use around the house.  Plan to put one in the kitchen and one in the weight room, both with Chromecasts plugged into the HDMI ports.  Figure I can watch shows in there or beam recipe web pages over when cooking.

count me for 3 actual TV's, but throw the notes others implied, that i use my laptop, phones & tablets all as media devices at some point or another.

It really raise a lot a good points.. 

Sam PS50A756, Sam UE40F5500, Sam UE37D5500, Pan TX-P65ST50, Nokia TV, Technisat TV, projector Benq with SAT and some another devices uses for watching like TVs.

I must be old. Only watch TV-type-stuff on the TV unless I don't have a choice.

How many TVs? 2. How many screens that are at least 720p... A LOT more. lol!

6 if you count my projector that i only use occasionally outside to watch a movie. More than 6 if you count monitors that I only use for computer.

2 hdtv'S that work.  Both connected to Computer or htpc units.  No connections to Cable.  Cable is just a big rip off, so I dont bother with that.

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