MissingRemote Podcast 57 - UniKey interview, Smart Locks, Network DVR, Whole Home Automation

Apr 27 2015
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We start off with a pre-recorded UniKey interview with Phil Dumas CEO, the technology behind the Kwikset Kevo Lock. Oomi has relaunched on Indiegogo and they are already funded. SiliconDust has launched a kickstarter for HDHomeRun DVR. Andrew has a review up for the Intel Compute Stick. Comcast and Time Warner deal is dead. Facebook and broadcast TV and 3 billion daily views.

This show is run by Kyle Button (@techbutton), Senior Editor and social media director of MissingRemote.com and Co-founder of Geekinated and is joined this week by Eric Hall (@wxrocks), Mathew Adamson (@MinnesotaMathew), Eric Hall (@wxrocks) and John McMahon (@JohnMcMahon_), all Co-founders of Geekinated. Check out the show notes and links below. You can follow us on the Geekinated YouTube Channel for Video Podcast, we are also on iTunes. Each podcast is powered by Geekinated. Check out the Geekinated Podcast that happens right after this podcast every week posted on Geekinated.com. Where we branch out and talk about everything Geek.

MP3 Download: http://s.missingremote.com/podcast/MissingRemoteEp57.mp3

YouTube Link: http://youtu.be/OZePUzXTuU8





Unikey Interview



Oomi Relaunch



SiliconDust Network DVR



Andrew's review of the Intel Compute Stick http://missingremote.com/review/intel-compute-stick-stck1a32wfc-hdmi-dongle-htpc


Comcast TW Deal not happening.



What would happen if Facebook starts broadcasting big events?



FB Video hits 3 billion daily views



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