The MissingRemote Podcast - Episode 3

Mar 20 2011
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It's the third week of the month, which means it's time for our monthly MissingRemote Podcast. This month we had our usual troublemakers: Aaron Ledger (@Swoon_), Andrew Van Til (@Babgvant),  and Michael Welter (@Mikinho). I'm your host Mike Garcen (@missingremote and @Mikegarcen).

Fair warning, since we are doing this only once a month and we have a ton of topics to cover, these shows will be a bit longer than your typical podcasts.

Show Minutes

0:00:00 - Intro
0:01:10 - Amazon Prime/Facebook Streaming
0:06:30 - CEA Program
0:09:00 - Silicon Dust Prime, not dead
0:13:30 - 4TB HD prototypes in the wild
0:19:00 - CEA 3D Glasses Standard RFP
0:25:00 - XPAND 3D Glasses Review
0:37:00 - Plasma Power Usage
0:45:00 - Sage Diamond Theme 3.0
0:52:00 - Hauppauge Colossus Media Center Drivers
0:56:00 - Override DCA in WMC
0:58:00 - More on RemoteFX
1:02:00 - NASA TV & Starz Live Plugins
1:05:00 - My Movies 4 Review
1:10:00 - HTPC Software Beginner’s Guide
1:28:00 - Microsoft MVP Summit
1:31:00 - Core i5-2400S + DH67GD Review
1:50:00 - Wesena ITX7 case
1:57:00 - Poll | Ask the Panel

As you will listen, we created a Poll where we need your participation! Let us know: What do you primarily use to manage your archived movie and TV content?

And lastly, let us know how you feel about the podcast! What you liked/didn't like, what you'd like to hear discussed...any and all feedback is welcome!

As we mention in the podcast, we are continuing our request for an "Ask the Panel" item where we will take a question or topic suggested by comments to this thread and will discuss in detail.

Click the image to download the podcast (58MB)

MissingRemote Podcast


I'll take up the user question challenge. I'd like to know,where do you guys see the cableCARD market going in the next few years? With SiliconDust still in cable labs certification since November, and Ceton's, for lack of a better word, monopoly on CableCARD readers with no other competitors on the horizon except for its own new products. Do you think the cableCARD market is destined to fizzle? What would it take to get main stream adoption of this technology? Also, why haven't more companies come to market with their own DVRs to compete with TIVO? I thought the new FCC rules were supposed to encourage newcomers. Are there smaller indy companies with products we can buy that I just don't know about? Thanks, guys!

Sounds like a great topic. We'll dive into it on #4. Thanks!

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