Jul 27 2011

News - Commercial Break Viewing in Windows Media Center Sneak Peek

Commercial Break Viewer

If you are familiar with SageTV, you probably know that the software can show where commercial breaks are in the video timeline. It looks like this functionality will soon be brought to Windows Media Center courtesy of Mark Terborg and his Recorded TV HD plug-in. It looks awesome!

Notice anything about this MC screen? Coming soon to Recorded TV HD: Commercial Break Viewer. It's kind of a hack and it's not perfect but it works pretty well.

Mark Terborg

Jul 25 2011

News - 2.6 Released received an update over the weekend, bringing one of the more ambitious Windows Media Center plugins in recent memory up to version 2.6. The new features enhance the Movie and TV Show Views that were added with the 2.5 release and focus on improving and expanding the search funtionality built into The most obvious change is the new optional interface for the Views which looks similar to the NXE interface update for the Xbox 360. Scrolling up and down moves through the different genres that are available in your collection and moving left and right scrolls through the titles in each genre.


Another new feature is the option to use an embedded Hulu video player that will automatically switch to a full screen view, but it does operate at a lower resolution than the standard player. The more ambitious features are search related. The first new search feature is on the back-end in the Process Guide. There is now a search function that will attempt to locate an RSS feed for a show based on its title. On the front-end there is a new "search tv beta" feature. According to the website the goal is to build a searchable database of the shows available on Netflix, Hulu, and their ilk to enable users to find shows that have not been added to their guide already.

I have not had much time to try out this new version, but I will be playing with it this week and will put together a more detailed write-up in the near future. I've already run into a few issues and want to take the time to see what is going on and perhaps reach out to Yaggs,'s creator, for some assistance. I have noticed that my most requested feature still is not included, but there are always future updates to look forward to.

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