Jun 28 2017

News - Buy an NVIDIA SHIELD, get Plex Pass for free

If you've been considering picking up a SHIELD, this week is a good time to get it done. If you swing by a Best Buy before July 1 and grab one, you get six months of Plex Pass for free.

FWIW, I'm still a huge SHIELD fan. It has the all-too-rare distinction of a product that keeps getting better. Now that it has Amazon Video and all these great Plex features, it really is a no brainer if you want a streamer that rocks.

Jan 05 2017

News - New NVIDIA Shield TV announced, will have Amazon Video

One of my only complaints about the first gen NVIDIA Shield TV was that Amazon Video wasn't natively available. It looks like that will end soon, at least for the upcoming Gen2. Wasn't about to find a clear answer on whether it will come to the first one (please!).

UPDATE: Amazon Video will come to 1st gen Shield TV. Thanks @Starkenator!

Dec 12 2016

News - ASUS annouces VivoMini VM65N & VM65 SFF HTPC

They aren't quite NUC sized, but still quite small and sleek. These ASUS VivoMini SFF look like they should be quite suitable for HTPC use, and the higher end model with the Kaby Lake Intel Core i7 and NVIDIA GeForce 930M dGPU would do for some gaming as well. Unfortunately the PR (after the the click), doesn't note NIC OEM, but otherwise seems nicely spec'd. Prices start from £399, so they won't be crazy money either.

Jun 30 2016

News - Plex server for NVIDIA Shield is live

Plex announced that the NVIDIA Shield would support their server a few weeks ago, and it looks like the wait is over. Adding HWA transcode + Plex to what is shaping up to be one of the most compelling content consumption devices (e.g. HDHR DVR support), makes me wondering if maybe I ought to have one of these in my AV stack.

Nov 18 2015

News - Ars Technica reviews NVIDIA Shield K1 Tablet (2015)

Ever since my Nexus 7 (2013) died, I've been on the hunt for the perfect replacement. Problem is, every Android tablet sucks, every single one. Too expensive, too cheap, poor screen resolution, lacking in storage, or expandability. There was always something that put a solid line through every option I found. Oddly the NVIDIA Shield K1, either the original or the updated 2015 model, never came up in any of my searches - so I didn't know it existed until now, and frankly I'm impressed. £149/$199 gets you a 7" Lollipop tablet with microSD, a 1080p screen, and a modern-ish SoC. Just might have to revise my opinion of Android tablets Wink.

Jan 31 2012

News - ASUS VG278H LCD Monitor 3D Vision-2 Kit Reviewed

I thought that this was an interesting concept if you want to have another 3D screen around that isn't your TV.  The author seemed to like the product.  However, for the price ($700) I would take a look at a smaller 3D capable TV.  








We live in a three-dimensional world, and display technology is finally catching up to how we see things. Games, movies, multimedia video, and even photos are now widely available in stereoscopic 3D. Packaged with a NVIDIA 3D Vision-2 glasses kit, the ASUS VG278H LCD Monitor gives you that big screen experience with vivid color, 120Hz high-definition 1080p picture quality, and added 3D special effects. In this article, Benchmark Reviews tests the ASUS VG278H 27" LED-backlight widescreen 120Hz monitor with NVIDIA 3D LightBoost technology and show off its built-in stereoscopic 3D Vision-2 functionality.

Nov 24 2011

News - Zotac Announces GTS450 Zone Edition Passively Cooled Video Card

Zotac GTS450 Zone EditionIntegrated graphics performance has reached a point that I rarely find myself wishing for a video card in my HTPC, but if I were to decide that was what I needed , I would be looking for two things: a passively cooled card to eliminate fan noise and an Nvidia GPU so that I could try out the hardware accelerated MadVR video renderer. Zotac must have had people like me in mind when designing their new GTS450 Zone Edition video card. Keeping the card cool enough to use passive cooling did require that Zotac underclock the processor and implement older, slower memory than we usually see paired with similar GPUs, but it should still be a more than capable card for an HTPC. Unfortunately, the card is also a dual slot design which will limit its use in some mini-ITX configurations.

Passively cooled high performance GPUs are quite popular with the HTPC community. NVIDIA GPUs are preferred by many HTPC users because of good software support (LAV CUVID, for example) and the ability to use custom renderers like madVR without losing out on hardware decode acceleration.


Nov 12 2011

News - Latest Nvidia Beta Drivers Include WMC Fix

It doesn't happen often, but I don't currently have any Nvidia GPUs in my house and so I haven't had the pleasure of experiencing the problem of WMC throwing a black screen during playback. If you have been experiencing black screen issues during playback on your Nvidia equipped HTPC, it might be a good idea to download Nvidia's 285.79 drivers.

Nvidia have released a new beta driver that includes a fix for black screen problems withWindows Media Center.  The problem seems to be affecting a few people in the Windows Expert Forum and seems to be caused by the last driver update.

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