The MissingRemote Podcast - Episode 7

Jul 25 2011
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It's the third week of the month, which means it's time for our monthly MissingRemote Podcast. This month I wasn't able to join but Aaron Ledger (@Swoon_) took the helm and was joined by Josh Shenkle (@Umdivx), Kyle Button (@techbutton) & Matt Miller.

Enjoy the show as much as I did, all feedback is welcome!

Show Minutes

Roku 2 Is Now Official

Eight New Sandy Bridge Parts Coming
Cisco FW update for the 1520 appears in the wild
First Look: Remote Potato HD for the iPad
Windows Home Server 2011 On sale at Newegg for 49.99(was but at $59.99 and holding)
Intel SandyBridge UAC Update
IOGEAR GKM581R Wireless HTPC Keyboard Review
Fractal Designs Define R3 Review
Hauppauge Colossus
Intel DH61AG Media Series Mini-ITX Motherboard and Core i5-2390T Review
Polls of the Month Results: How many HTPCs do you operate? (443 total votes)
Poll #2 Results: How Many Consumer Electronic Devices Do You Operate in Your Home In Lieu of a HTPC? (Extenders, Media Players, Cable STBs, etc.) (361 total votes)
Poll #3 Results: How Do You Primarily Rip and Store Your Blu-ray Content? (488 total votes)
Hauppauge WinTV-DCR-2650 introduced and Poll Results: How has the Introduction of the Hauppauge Digital Cable Tuner Affected Your Purchasing Plans? (311 votes)
Poll Results: How are You Responding to the Recent Netflix Subscription Plan Changes? (541 votes)
New Poll: Do you utilize commercial skipping software?
Question of the Month (Ask The Panel): Has the use of Windows Media Center increased with the introduction of the InfiniTV4 (and up coming SD HDHR Prime, etc.)?
Topic of the Month: Lossless audio from your HTPC

Don't forget to partake in our Poll of the month question.

And lastly, let us know how you feel about the podcast! What you liked/didn't like, what you'd like to hear discussed...any and all feedback is welcome!

As we mention in the podcast, we are continuing our request for an "Ask the Panel" item where we will take a question or topic suggested by comments to this thread and will discuss in detail.

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MissingRemote Podcast


This was posted over at the Green Button and is a handy cheat sheet for MC Extender V2 usage. I wish I could find the author's name but the information is very useful.

Extender Operation


Also, the comments about issues with pressing skip too rapidly on an extender have prompted me to post some additional information. Many of you may already know this, but I'll post it here for those of you who don't. You can press the numeric keys on your remote before pressing the transport keys (trick play buttons) to get some extra features out of them. Here's a short list of the ones that are very helpful:

o    Dial a number and press SKIP-forward to skip that many times forward. For example, if your skip-forward interval is set to 30 seconds and you press 5,Skip-forward, it will skip 2 minutes, 30 seconds forward (5 x 30).

o    Dial a number and press SKIP-backward for the same result as above, based on your skip-back interval (default is 7 seconds).

o    Dial a number in minutes and seconds (530=5 minutes, 30 seconds) and then press FFWD or RWD and it will skip exactly that amount of time forward or backward.

o    Dial a number in hours and minutes and press play, and it will go to that time index in the show. For pre-recorded programs, this is the number of hours/minutes from the beginning of show (e.g. to skip to the 1-hour mark of a 2 hour pre-recorded show, press 100,PLAY). For live TV, this is the time index in the buffer. For example, if you are watching a show that started at 8pm and it is now 8:30... and you want to skip back to 8:15pm, simply dial 815,PLAY. (My system is set to a 12-hour clock, but I suspect that it may work differently if you have your system clock set to 24-hour time).

o    Press and hold the skip-forward/backward keys and you will see a little preview window that shows a still image of that time index within the show. Once the little image appears, you can repeatedly press/release the skip forward/backward keys to see images of different times within the show. When you find the one you want, press PLAY or simply wait a few seconds and it will skip to that point within the show. These default to 30 second intervals in both directions. I haven't investigated whether or not this interval can be adjusted.

o    Press PAUSE, followed by FFWD to display slow-motion video (no sound).

o    Press PLAY any time while watching the show to see the current time of day and time index within the show.

I believe that was Brian Reynolds (aka barnabas1969) but I could be wrong.  Searching the new site is almost worst than the previous tgb.

I just printed this for my wife...thanks for the help...That was something I learned while doing the podcast..I have used it already and it is awesome. Still think I might just install the commercial skip stuff anyway...but maybe the wife will start using it.

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