The MissingRemote Podcast - Episode 6

Jul 04 2011
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Sorry for the delay from last month, but last minute travels tend to make podcast schedules difficult. But fear not, we come to you now on this gorgeous 4th of July weekend where we sat down and talked about home theater with Aaron Ledger (@Swoon_), Andrew Van Til (@Babgvant) and Michael Welter (@mikinho). I'm your host Mike Garcen (@missingremote and @Mikegarcen).

And as usual warning, since we are doing this only once a month and we have a ton of topics to cover, these shows are a bit longer than your typical podcasts so feel free to skip around or enjoy it over some time.

Show Minutes (coming...)

00:00:00 - Intro
00:01:15 - SageTV Selling to Google
00:12:15 - How to Connect a New Receiver to a TV without HDMI
00:15:30 - How to Watch TV w/out Cable Guide
00:23:00 - Arcsoft TMT5 Update
00:28:00 - Intel DH61AG Motherboard Review
00:37:25 - Habey EMC-600B SFF Chassis Review
00:41:00 - Elgato EyeTV Hybrid Tuner Review
00:48:45 - Ceton under $300
00:54:00 - Bonus Poll Results: How has the Silicon Dust HDHomeRun PRIME Availability and Ceton InfiniTV $100 Off Promotion Impacted Your Purchasing Decision?
00:58:00 - Last Month Poll Results: How Do the Majority of Your Household Primarily Consume Movies in Your Home Theater? (500 votes total)
01:10:00 - New Poll: How many HTPCs do you operate?
01:10:00 - New Poll: How many extenders do you operate?
01:17:00 - Question of the Month (Ask The Panel): Should I go with LLano (Lynx) or Sandy Bridge for my next build?
01:30:00 - Topic of the Month: AV Receivers
01:55:00 - Topic of the Month: Sub $500 HTPC Client Builds
02:07:00 - Wrap-up

And lastly, let us know how you feel about the podcast! What you liked/didn't like, what you'd like to hear discussed...any and all feedback is welcome!

As we mention in the podcast, we are continuing our request for an "Ask the Panel" item where we will take a question or topic suggested by comments to this thread and will discuss in detail.

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MissingRemote Podcast


Any feedback on the show or format?  We are learning as we go so please any and all feedback is appreciated.

btw...Any bets on who is going to be win our polls for next month?  (My bet is on me Laughing out loud)

Definitely too short.  Wink  Makes for great traveling "music" during jogs, but 2 hours doesn't cut it when you jog nearly every day.  After listening to the podcast, I was a bit disappointed on the SageTV coverage.  I was hoping to hear more about what people planned to do (if anything) as a result of the sale.  Of course, with only a few (two?) SageTV users on the MR staff and the fact that I couldn't make it, I have but myself to blame.  Foot in mouth

I also really enjoyed the AVR discussion.  I wasn't aware of quite a bit of that info.  The discussions on the polls were surprisingly entertaining.

I have three issues:

First, is that I can never tell who's talking.  I'm slowly figuring it out, but it's still tough.  Sadly, except for "this is Andrew" preempting any statements, I don't see a way around it.

Second, the volume always seems to be quite low and I have to crank the volume up a ton.  My receiver is set to default to -32 for TV and I generally need to raise it at least 10 before the podcast is at a respectable level.  When jogging, I raise it even more, but that's to be expected.

Three, Mike didn't say "cool" nearly enough.  Tongue out

One way to associate names with voices would be to do a video podcast. Wink  Personally, I've been picking it up ok.  The only problem would be new hosts, but as long as it's <1.2 at a time it should be ok.

IMO it's too early to start talking about what to do in a post-SageTV world.  We still have 11.5 months of EPG and frankly, even w/o development there's nothing that can match the feature set...

That's exactly what I was talking about.  Not necessarily what people are switching to, but what their plans/options are.  Option #1 is obviously to wait and see what happens.  But, why?  That's part of the discussion I was hoping to hear.  I just thought the topic could have been a little more detailed.  Oh well... still an enjoyable podcast.

How about in 6 months you come on and we'll talk about it Smile

Maybe Brent will want to join Smile

Excellent idea!

babgvant wrote:

How about in 6 months you come on and we'll talk about it Smile

That may not be enough lead time.  My schedule's full.  I'll be washing my hair.  (That's December, BTW.)  I really wanted to be on this one, but a damn birthday party got in the way.

I wholeheartedly agree with you, George. Entertaining, but sadly, very short. =(

Still, that was the only real issue. I can't say I was disappointed with anything else. While the Sage TV coverage could have been fleshed out more, I completely understand time constraints. I just happened to find the Sage TV article to be pretty interesting. That and I like listening to people's opinions.

Overall, a great podcast! The next podcast would be a great opportunity for you folks to branch out into other product discussions -- perhaps along the lines of home theater systems

Thanks, guys! :D 

I've been enjoying it.  And initially I thought that the two hour length would be too much but I still find myself wishing for more at the end.  :)  I like the format as it is.

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