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Oct 12 2009

News - News Submission Contest - October 12th - October 25th

After much delay (sorry!) we finally have another contest to announce! To help remind everyone how fun it is to post user submitted news to the site, we are going to give away the ASUS AT3N7A-I Mini-ITX Motherboard we reviewed recently! See below for the rules.

1. The contest ends at 9:00 pm pacific time on Sunday, October 25th.

2. Each VALID news submission gets an entry. You must include a Related COMMENT and article QUOTE with your submission!

3. To be considered valid, the following rules apply.

  • Subject: Audio/Video, HTPC, or Home Automation
  • Age: 1 week or less from date of submission
  • Link to news article must be included with comment
  • Not already posted at MissingRemote.com

4. The winner will be notified via email that is on their MissingRemote.com account and a posting on the front page of MissingRemote.com.

5. MissingRemote.com will be giving away (1) ASUS AT3N7A-I Motherboard.

6. You must be a resident of the US to claim this prize.

7. Use the Submit news button on the right hand side of the homepage

The winner will be randomly selected, but of course the more entries you have the better your chances of Winning!!

Thank you for your readership and good luck in the contest!


Oct 08 2009

News - Nvidia Halting Chipset Development

This is pretty significant news--any time one of the biggest players in a set category of products changes its ways, it makes you wonder all sorts of things. Not sure exactly how this one will pan out, you can't believe that Nvidia would abandon the PC industry which made it the giant it is today.

{joomsay link=http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2353939,00.asp?kc=PCRSS03069TX1K0001121 [PCMag]}"We have said that we will continue to innovate integrated solutions for Intel's FSB architecture," Sherbin said in an email. "We firmly believe that this market has a long healthy life ahead. But because of Intel's improper claims to customers and the market that we aren't licensed to the new DMI bus and its unfair business tactics, it is effectively impossible for us to market chipsets for future CPUs. So, until we resolve this matter in court next year, we'll postpone further chipset investments." {/joomsay} 

Aug 19 2009

News - MissingRemote Status Update - Mid-August 2009

It's just passed the midway point in August, so I figured I would catch everyone up with what's been going on at MissingRemote to entertain your weekend in case you missed anything.

We had some fantastic reviews and guides posted by our crew:

Right at the end of July, we brought in the ASRock ION-330 Nettop SFF System for review. A neat little box which can handle 1080p blu-ray content!   Andy used his mind-reading skills from our forum questions and preemptively posted his Guides on the dreaded standby issue in Windows with Configuring Standby on your HTPC  & also Guide: Keeping your HTPC Awake   Enabling Multi-Channel for Other Audio Formats shows you how to make your HTPC and stereo receiver play nice together.   In preparation of Windows 7, Andrew showed us some new techniques to Unlock Hidden Startup Switches for Windows7 and make MCE Start Your Way    And don't forget the classic guide which has been revised for Windows 7 as well, How to Enable Concurrent Sessions in Windows 7 RTM  

In addition to those, some recent blogs as well:

Lothar covered the MythTV for Windows Topic a couple times, with his Mythtv for Windows options and then Mythtv for Windows Port, with more to come on the topic I'm sure!

Our newest contributor Andy kicked things off with a bang with his AntiPack – Get your videos working without destroying your PC software introduction, so we never have to hear the words "K-Lite Codec Pack"

and Tim even had time to toss in a handy receiver article, Tip of the Day: Calibrate Your Receiver

Our forums have been jumping as as usual. For those looking for any sort of assistance with anything home theater related or even off topic, make sure to register and visit our forum today!

We've also been making some changes to the site design. You'll notice some new banner ads, feel free to click them if something interests you, as it does help maintain this site alive. Also we have affiliate accounts with Newegg and Amazon and you can get those links on the right side of the home page as well. We always welcome comments and suggestions, so feel free to pass them along via our forum!

Finally, beginning with this post I will be dropping the ShadyMG moniker from my posts. I just feel it's time as the ShadyMG nickname hasn't actually been used for a while. Don't worry, Mike Garcen is just as interested in all this as ShadyMG was!

Jan 27 2009

News - What you missed the last couple of weeks

I, of course, do not have to remind you about our ongoing community news contest. For each news submission, you gain one entry into the contest where the prize is a 3 month gift card to Netflix. Yes, even bloggers can submit their own news :). We love original content from blog. A great example, and thanks to Brent for contributing, is his submission of the TV turning 83 yesterday. Check out the Community News page here.


MissingRemote.com article round-up!

How-To: Integrate BoxeeTV for Windows into Vista Media Center

With the introduction of BoxeeTV for Windows we now have another very potent player in the home theater world. But what is a current Vista Media Center user to do--on the one hand, they use Media Center for all their live and recorded TV...but on the other, they would love to be able to access all the wonderful internet television portals which Boxee brings to the 10'.

January 27th, 2009 Blu-ray Releases

his new weekly feature is one part good information and one part advertising. The below movie links are links to Amazon.com and if you purchase these movies by following these links you are supporting MissingRemote.com. I hope this new feature is genuinely useful and the advertising is non-obtrusive. 

Guide: How to Enable Concurrent Sessions in Windows 7

One of the most popular articles ever at MissingRemote.com has been our guide on how to enable Concurrent Sessions for Windows Vista. For those unaware of what it is, Concurrent Sessions allows you to Remote Desktop into a system that someone else is on, under a different user account, and access the system without kicking the user off. I, for example, use the feature to have MCE running on my Television, and then I remote into my main user account to access all my files without interrupting my MCE session.

Blog: Transition Time

Those of us who have the privilege of having a significant other also have the distinct joy of ensuring our media system design meets their specific requirements.  This has been referred to in the past as the "Wife Acceptance Factor" or WAF.  I'm not talking about whether it's a 720p or 1080p display or what RAID level the drives are running, but rather something much more important.  Let me give you an example; "Why does it go to that screen when I click this doohickey?"

A Few Weeks With Windows 7 Media Center

Everyone and their dog has had a chance to download Windows 7 beta. For various reasons including promises of fame, fortune, performance and a few crazy folks like us are trying out the Media Center portion of W7MC. I have had a few weeks to play with Media Center with most of my use focusing around Music, Movies & TV's. Here is the good and bad of Microsoft's Vista Redu. Enjoy the pictorial and video fun of W7.

HTPC Basics: The Beginnings

The wonderful world of HTPC's can be very baffling to someone who has never dabbled in the confusing realm of codecs, drivers and programs. So I decided to dedicate part 2 of the HTPC basic series to helping people understand the wide world of HTPC's. I will briefly cover several topics including software, hardware, audio/video codecs and other.


Clicking the read more will take you too all of the videos we have put up :)

Boxee & Windows Vista



 Windows 7MC mini-guide



Windows 7MC Music Library



 Windows 7MC TV Strip

Nov 24 2008

News - The Daily Button: November 24th, 2008

Building upon their previos beta release that added EVR support, 6.5.2 adds a few bug fixes to make your EVR experience a better one. They also snuck in multi-threading for transcoding. *Hint - Click the SageTV logo for the link.

boxee_icon.png Here is a poll that could be very useful to HTPC software makers everwhere. Over 1100 people responded to a poll that asks what content they should add next. HBO, Pandora, Netflix, Joost, and ustream.tv were the winners.

vmc_icon.png My Movies for WHS now  supports Flac lossless and Media Center extender firendly DVD rips.

whs.png WHS mobile, a plugin that allows you to control your home server using a WinMo phone, has reached version 1.0

vmc_icon.png Sick to death of coverage about Windows 7? In case you aren't check out more coverage about Window 7's new taskbar.

HotHardware has the scoop on AMD's Maui HTPC platform. The platform includes a 780G mobo, low power Phenom, and an onboard amplified soundcard. I am slightly skeptical of an onboard amplifier card.

The HD Guru has a list of solid TV deals that are due to hit this Thanksgiving in the US. The one that struck my eye was a 37" Panny 720p plasma for $500.

This was a quick test of the new icons and Daily Button Format :)
Nov 19 2008

News - Tip Of The Day: Accessing Content Via bittorrent

The other day, I heard about this little phenomon called bittorrent. I decided to check it out, actually I was interested to see if there was a plugin available for Vista Media Center. This let me to the TVitty plugin which integrates into VMC. tvitty is a plugin distributed by a company who has a small library of content available via bittorrent.

If you are not satisfied with their content, you are able to add other types of feeds, legal I am sure, to expand your reach through the tubes :).

tvitty home page

tvitty is in the alpha stage - Download link




Nov 19 2008

News - The Daily Button: November 19th, 2008

Welcome to another edition of The Daily Button :). While I have your attention, I thought I would throw out a question to you folks. Does it make sense for MissingRemote.com to get involved in some of the social networks? Do you really want to see a twitter update of me laughing out loud at Who's Line Is It Anyways? ;)

 HTPC & Extenders

sage_icon.png SageTV has released a minor update to their beta which enables DVXA to work with EVR. I hope they put this behind them and concentrate on UI development
mp_icon.png I guess I was asleep at the wheel, but Brent (Geek Tonic Blog), is reporting that Media Portal will now join the ranks of SageTV & Media Portal to have support for the HD PVR. 
snapstream_icon.png It seems off you would want to integrate BTV with Vista Media Center (Why not switch over?). Check out this thread at the BTV forums and read more about it at The Geek Tonic

 Home Theater

HDGuru Given the already steep drop in TV prices in the last year, I am surprised that companies have to cut prices more due to the slow economy. However, the HD Guru is reporting that Mits and Sony are going to slash a couple of hundred dollars of most of their TVs.
vudu_icon.png Vudu's XL2 to make the move to the Home Installer market. Of course that means it will not be cheap and you can not buy it through a retail channel.
ZVOX 425 and 550 soundbars review. This won't replace a 5.1 system but it will be much better then your TV speakers.
 S&V Onkyo TX-SR576 7.1 A/V Receiver $499 MSRP review. You won't find any next gen CODECs at this price point.


br_icon.png Groundhog Day to make the move to Blu-ray in Janurary :).
 Sony Bravia Internet Video Link review. It's lookin like a snoozer.
Nov 18 2008

News - Tip Of The Day: Keep Those Pennies

Regardless of the economic situation, saving a few dollars always makes sense. Here are few tips that should help the HTPC novice in the planning stage, or even the seasoned HTPC pro save a few dollars on their digital lifestyle.

Going through the list of suggestions in my head, I am pretty impressed by what is available in terms of free or reduced cost options. Keeping this in mind, for the most part, the level of entertainment you are used to should remain fairly consistent. What changes is how you get your entertainment. Along with reducing your content cost, I will also talk about reducing your hardware costs.


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Nov 11 2008

News - The Daily Button: November 11th, 2008

Argh, This will be a much shorter Button then originally planned :(. The site swallowed my first attempt.


Blu-ray releases for the week of November 11th, 2008 @ Engadget HD

MGM to release full length movies on YouTube @ I4U

Home Theater

Sound & Vision's best products for October 2008

Denon AVR-689 A/V receiver review @ Secrets of HIFI

HTPC & Extenders

How to trick out your Apple TV with Boxee @ Gizmodo

New version of Plex about to hit @ Plex (also read this post about new and improved settings and this post about OSX integration

SageTV to get EVR support at Andy's Blog

Top 10 WHS add-ins for October 2008 @ We Got Served

Windows Media Center gadget on Windows Mobile @ The Digital Lfiestyle

Sage Movie Library Part #2 @ The Geek Tonic


Nov 03 2008

News - The Daily Button: Novemver 03, 2008

Welcome to another fantastic edition of The Daily Button. Second only Google in popularity on the Internet.


Would you watch a show just because it is in HD? Yah, guilty as charged here. S&V has a list of shows that look good in HD and some actually fulfill in the creative department.

This is a huge month in movies for my household. TinkerBell is out on Blu-ray! It is rather amusing to see a site like Secrets Of H& HIFI review a couple of Disney cartoons but they do it and do it seriously.

An interesting study from the Canadian Press, their study shows that DVR use cuts in DVD purchases and not TV viewing. Makes sense to me, if I have a hard drive full of quality shows I won't be as anxious to run down to the Red Box or Walmart to buy a movie.

In light of the recent Xbox/Netflix HD announcements, Roku wanted to let folks know that they will be offering Netflix HD as well .

Get ready for Napolean Dynamite to hit Blu-ray in February.

Home Theater

When you call yourself the HD Guru and people agree, you might want to take notice of what he has to say. This week he is pissing off a host of people by telling folks NOT to buy an upconverting DVD player for your HDTV. Why not you ask? Well with the price of Blu-ray players falling below $200, they are a bit more future proof and can upconvert your standard def DVDs.

Via EngadgetHD, the folks at DBStalk are lucky enough to get a sneak peak at DirectTV's upcoming HR23-700 HD-PVR. Overall, they think the new HD-PVR is worth the price of admission.

Not surprising but here is another don't pay for "extra services" at Best Buy. This time around they are fleecing customers who might want their TV calibrated. Get a professional folks.

HTPC & Extenders

Are you looking to add a little Christmas flare to your HTPC? Check out MP's PurevisionHD Xmas skin:)



The TechReport & Hardocp has reviews of the Core i7 up. Another nice speed bump from Intel, another complete system you have to buy to upgrade your computer. Additional Core i7 reviews can be found at Benchmark Reviews and Madshrimps.

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