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Aug 31 2011

News - Few Smartphone Users Watching Movies, TV Shows

I can't say this is very surprising as the numbers are relatively low. After all, outside those of you who commute or travel frequently for work, when are you not in front of a laptop or iPad.

New comScore data about what users do with their smartphones notably glosses over the fact that just 9.3% of users watch TV or video no more than one-to-three times a month.

Buried among the data compiled from 30,000 smartphone users from May through July: 6.5% of users watch TV or video once a week and just 2.5% watch everyday.


Aug 30 2011

News - Streaming Services Compared: Amazon, Hulu Plus, iTunes, Netflix and VUDU

With the various streaming service offerings out there it's tough to make heads or tails of which is best for you. Our friend Gabe has a handy dandy chart to make your life easier, with pros and cons and comparison of each.

Amazon has significantly grown the size of their Prime Catalog from 5,000 to 8,000 titles. At launch, Amazon Prime only had 24 movies available in HD but now they have almost 400 available for streaming. Also, don't forget Amazon has over 50,000 TV seasons and movies for rental and / or purchase. So why does Amazon state there are 100,000 TV shows and movies available on their service? Tech of the Hub's number is different since we count each season of a TV show as one title as opposed to counting the individual episodes. We do this with each service in order to to compare apples to apples.


May 22 2011

News - 3D Movies at Theaters Could be Culprit for Worse Quality Experience

TechoftheHub has a link to an interesting article that covers the picture quality at movie theaters today and how 3D is affecting them for lower. I can't speak for this personally since I refuse to pay an extra absorbent fee just to see some depth.

The uniting factor is a fleet of 4K digital projectors made by Sony — or, rather, the 3-D lenses that many theater managers have made a practice of leaving on the projectors when playing a 2-D film. Though the issue is widespread, affecting screenings at AMC, National Amusements, and Regal cinemas, executives at all these major movie theater chains, and at the corporate offices of the projector’s manufacturer, have refused to directly acknowledge or comment on how and why it’s happening. Asked where his company stands on the matter, Dan Huerta, vice president of sight and sound for AMC, the second-biggest chain in the US, said only that “We don’t really have any official or unofficial policy to not change the lens.’’

Boston Globe

May 11 2011

News - 2011 - 2012 Network TV renewals and cancelations

The fall 2011 and winter 2012 TV lineups are starting to flow in. Some really surprising results have come out. Some good shows or at least I thought they were good shows on Fox are getting the AX. Lie To Me, Human Target, The Chicago Code are all done.

Normally we weren't suppose to find out about next seasons shows until next week but Fox started a little early this year.

2011 Broadcast Network Upfront Meetings

May 16, 2011 NBC New York Morning
May 16, 2011 FOX New York Afternoon
May 17, 2011 ABC New York Afternoon
May 18, 2011 CBS New York Afternoon
May 19, 2011 The CW New York Morning
May 19, 2011 Univision New York Afternoon

Cable networks also have advertising upfront events spread throughout March, April and May, but they aren’t typically “the day renewals and cancellations are revealed” as are the broadcast events.

TV By The Numbers


Also here is an in depth renewal/cancellation chart: TV Done Wright

What are your thoughts on the results for next years tv season?

May 04 2011

News - Warner Buys Flixster & Rotten Tomatoes

This is more interesting news than relevant to the home theater space but I thought it worthy of front page newsdom given how much I love Rotten Tomatoes. Hopefully this isn't the beginning of the end for them.

The studio’s plans for Rotten Tomatoes seem less ambitious. The news release only states that the team of the movie review site will continue to work independently out of Los Angeles. Rotten Tomatoes was acquired by Flixster in early 2010 in a deal that gave News Corp. a minority stake in the combined company. AllThingsD reported earlier this year that Warner was in discussions to pay up to $90 million for Flixster and Rotten Tomatoes.


Apr 27 2011

News - TV Premieres, Finales & Specials

Our manlove for Geektonic has been obvious, but in case you were not aware, he's continuing his weekly season premier schedule. I like it for a quick check to make sure my DVR is on task and fully pegged out. Don't forget about our Spring/Summer TV guide if you want all the new shows listings.

Wednesday, April 27

South Park (10pm on Comedy Central) Season 15 premiere

Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files (10pm on SyFy) Season 2 finale

Thursday, April 28

The Office (9pm on NBC) An extended episode of The Office for Michael Scott’s (Steve Carell) final episode as a regular

Son of a Gun (11pm on MTV) New reality series with Cory Gunz

Royal Wedding (BBC America) Stay up extra late to witness the royal wedding.  Or you could just watch the recaps on Friday.  OR if you’re like me just ignore it…



Apr 12 2011

News - VUDU Now Streaming to Your Browser and More

VUDU (review) keeps rolling out the improvements. Today, you can head on over to VUDU and see streaming direct to your browser. Previously, the only way to get VUDU on the PC was via Boxee. It is still SD only at this point. One can hope that someday we'll get VUDU's excellent HDX streaming direct to the PC.

VUDU GM, Edward Lichty, also commented to CNET that they will probably be hitting tablets this year and that 80% of VUDU customers are also Netflix customers which probably isn't a surprise to anyone who has used VUDU. The services each have their own benefits and drawbacks.


VUDU in Browser

VUDU in Browser

Where else might we see Vudu in the future? Vudu general manager Edward Lichty told CNET that "any device that can connect to the Internet is something we want to be on." When asked specifically about products like the iPad, he replied that he suspects you'll be seeing Vudu on tablets this year, but added "we have nothing specific to announce" at this time.

Mar 03 2011

News - Starz Working on New Netflix Deal

I have mixed feelings when I read a piece like that. Glass half empty says that prices will go up and Starz will try to corner Netflix into paying a lot. But here's an interesting quote that I'm sure isn't missed by the smart folks at Starz--subscriptions have actually gone UP. Go figure, when people see the GOOD programming that you have after a delay, maybe they'll want to pay more to see it live.

Despite the Netflix controversy, Starz Entertainment had a sharp rise in customers during the quarter. The Starz channels finished the period with 18.2 million subscribers, up 800,000 from the third quarter, its biggest quarterly gain since 2007. Its Encore channels finished the period with 32.8 million customers, up from 32 million in the third quarter.

Multichannel News

Feb 07 2011

News - Ad Watch: The Super Bowl Commercials

I know this isn't directly Home theater related, but with so much attention to it, I wanted to find a blog that had links to the Super Bowl commercials. There were quite a few funny ones, and even included complete selling out for Eminem. I think the Doritos dog was hilarious, as of course was the VW one. What was your favorite?

The movie category vied with the automotive category for supremacy in the game. If you toss in auto-related spots, like those for Bridgestone, CarMax and, the auto category came out ahead. But with a surprise spot for the coming movie "Limitless," the tally for movie studios totaled five -- Disney, Paramount, Relativity, 20th Century Fox and Universal -- and there were 10 movies advertised nationally in total.


Jan 21 2011

News - VUDU Updates UI On Most Devices

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a review of my experience with VUDU and mentioned that a new UI was coming. Well, today is the day that it has dropped to most connected devices. I will have to wait a bit longer to see it because VUDU is still working on the update for Vizio and Samsung connected devices.

As I pointed out previously, SD content is all that is offered using Boxee's PC software while HD is available to users of the Boxee Box. I'm hopeful that the PC will someday become a first-class citizen when it comes to Internet-delivered content. Before CES, I would have not been convinced that it would happen anytime soon, however, Intel's new Insider technology that we were able to see in action at CES using Best Buy's CinemaNow service shows that the studios are willing to play ball on the PC.


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