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Feb 03 2010

News - Sage TV on the Windows Home Server

I don't hide the fact that SageTV is a fantastic media center application. They are constantly innovating their product and their WHS version is just another example. Just the product which us Media Center users have been clammoring for in Windows, already exists with SageTV, and the homeservershow guys cover installing and using.

{joomsay link= [Home Server Show]}Because it is on your WHS, you have a shared guide among all of your extenders/clients. One of the most common functions that WMC users with multiple WMC machines spread out over the network want is a shared guide. Sage on the WHS allows you to have a shared guide so that you can schedule recordings from any room in the house with an extender/client.{/joomsay} 

Jan 28 2010

News - Windows Home Server v2 "Vail" CTP4 EN build 7360 spotted in the wild

I saw this thread originally at TGB, but apparently it was shut down for some undisclosed reason. Since all this material came from other places, I don't see any problem continuing or restarting the discussion here at MissingRemote. Kudos to MSBob for giving me the heads up, and of course Brutus76 for the initial heads up. I moved the images here to our servers to hopefully lighten the original links server load.

So to summarize, none of this is official at all, and while some people are claiming the screenshots are fakes, they sure look pretty solid.  Of course most disappointing if these rumors are true, is the lack of Media Center functionality built-in....but still some good things to get excited about.

From a feature perspective it appears that Vail;

-Is in fact based on server 2k8v2.
-Based on the wim the leaked version is "ServerHomePremium".
-There is no notable MCE functionality.
-News channels are beginning to pickup on the leak now that the iPad has peaked.

I have attached the original topic below as well as the reply provided by Brutus76.

Saw this a bit back. Thought the community might be interested due to all the speculation concerning Media Center integration.
 Unitld-thumb.jpg  Untijpg-thumb.jpg
 Untitld-thumb.jpg  Untitled3-thumb.jpg
 Untitled4-thumb.jpg  Untitled5-thumb.jpg
More pictures below....


Jan 20 2010

News - Coming soon: Boxee Payments

For those of you who were wondering what Boxee's business model was, this shed's a bit of light to it. And it makes perfect will be interesting to see if apps that were already there will become commercial now, or if this will lead the way to bigger and better video offerings.

{joomsay link= [Boxee Blog]}This is why we plan to release a Payment Platform this summer where users will be able to make purchases with one click on the remote. The content partners we launch with will offer shows, movies and channels that were previously not available to Boxee users. The content owners will be able to package and price as they wish, including pay-per-view and subscription. Content partners will have the flexibility to decide what they make available, whether it’s premium content, content from their existing library, or extras that will never make it “on air”.{/joomsay} 

Jan 08 2010

News - Boxee Beta

Shortly after the announcement of the public Beta for Boxee, Damian has a complete review with a ton of screenshots of it up at his website. I've been using the Beta for a while, and while it still has occasional glitches, it is miles ahead (UI mainly) from what Alpha offered. Don't forget to head over to to enjoy it for yourself today!


{joomsay link= [Media Smart Server]}As with My Movies I am disappointed with the lack of “wow” in the TV section. However, there is some really neat stuff going on here. TV Shows gets broken up into two categories – My TV Shows which would be TV shows that are part of your local content and TV Show Library which is made up of TV shows that can be accessed from online sites such as Hulu, ABC, CW11, etc… You heard right, Hulu can be accessed in Boxee. A few months ago Hulu got stripped out of Boxee due to Hulu’s request, however it looks like Boxee is getting around this by embedding a web browser which then accesses Hulu and displays the requested show in full screen.{/joomsay} 

Jan 07 2010

News - Boxee Beta Goes Public, Download Now

Well that was fast, it feels like just a few weeks ago I received my NDA copy of this. I can assure you, it is as slick as it looks. One caveat though, I found a lot of my old favorite apps did not work properly. I'm sure everyone is working away to fix that, but just be prepared. Of course, there are tons of new ones. I love the new look and feel.

{joomsay link= [Boxee Blog]}In the past 4 weeks since we announced the upcoming Beta we had the help of tens of thousands of early access users who tested the Beta on all different platforms and gave us great feedback. Hundreds of bugs have been opened and we’ve been working diligently to resolve as many of them as we could. We feel the version deserves the upgrade from Alpha grade to Beta grade, and we’re going to spend the next year improving it, so we can release 1.0 at CES next year{/joomsay} 

Jan 06 2010

News - Press Release: CyberLink Demonstrates the Next Generation of Digital Multimedia Technologies at CES

Taipei, TaiwanJanuary 05, 2010—CyberLink Corp. (5203.TW), an innovative solutions provider for the connected media lifestyle will showcase the next generation of multimedia technologies at the Las Vegas, Hilton, Suite 2060, from January 7-10.

"We are witnessing the increasing interaction between the consumer and their digital media more than ever," said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink. "CyberLink will give you a glimpse into the future with our latest technological developments. Explore our Blu-ray 3D playback capabilities, DVDs transformed from 2D-to-3D, and advanced 3D gesture interaction as we step into the next level of digital entertainment."

Jan 04 2010

News - Ripping, Storing and Playing Blu-Rays

Fellow MVP Pete Stagman has written up a helpful how-to on how to manage your blu-ray collection in Windows Media Center. Nothing overly complicated but a great starter course for anyone just getting started in the HTPC world.

{joomsay link= [NEDMug]}Ok, so once you have the Software installed as shown above. You can place the BD disk you want to rip into you BD-Drive. (Sometimes PowerDVD will start and try to play the disk, even if you have gone into options and disabled autoplay. I don't know why. It just does. Just close out of it.) If you have AnyDVD installed correctly, you should see a balloon help saying "AnyDVD is scanning the inserted disk) Once it completes, you can Right Click on the Foxhead icon on the taskbar and select "Rip to image. . ."{/joomsay} 

Dec 26 2009

News - XBMC 9.11 'Camelot' now available for download, huge changelog in tow

Looks like a nice little update from the XBMC Gang....I wonder when they're going to change their name seeing as they are no longer just a mod for your XBox, but a fantastic Media Center application that's free to all.


{joomsay link= [Engadget]}The so-called Camelot build is now available for download on Windows, OS X and Linux, with the most notable changes including a revamped user interface, DirectX support by default in Windows, a "complete reorganization of the settings menus, automatic video information extraction, and smoother video playback." You'll also find updated scrapers, expanded remote control support and updated codecs{/joomsay} 

Dec 24 2009

News - Media Browser 2.2.1 Released (Firestorm)

Merry Christmas from the Media Browser team!!!! YAY!!!! I'm not at home but you better believe this will be tops on my list to-do's when I return! Happy Christmas Eve everyone!

{joomsay link= []}With the Firestorm release, thanks to ebrs hard work, we now support UI plugins. This means themes can ship as plugins, in fact Vanilla is no longer shipped with the base Media Browser installer, instead you download it from throgs site. This allow UI plugin developers to ship upgrades to their plugins without having to update the core media browser product. We also support extensible “Item Actions” which means a developer can add additional behavior that can be applied to items in the collection. An example is ebrs find similar movies plugin.{/joomsay} 

Dec 21 2009

News - The Daily Show and Colbert Report go with SnapStream

We haven't heard much out of the Snapstream team in a while, but I found this to be a pretty big win for them. They've been promoting their "Server" product for a while, and this seems to be a perfect fit for it. Hopefully this steam will help see more regular updates for their HTPC app as well.

{joomsay link= [Snapstream Blog]}The SnapStream TV search solution to be deployed at the Daily Show and Colbert Report will provide for a completely high-definition (HD) workflow, allowing the show’s producers to centrally record and archive more than 30 channels of traditional HDTV; then subsequently search those recordings, create clips that can interact with Avid and Final Cut Pro video editing systems.{/joomsay} 

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