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Jun 21 2010

News - Roxio's CinePlayer Adds Blu-ray 3D Support

Will be interesting to see how far behind Cyberlink and Arcsoft are. I know Arcsoft actually has demo'd their version, so can't imagine too much waiting.
"With its broad 3D capability, now including Blu-ray 3D discs and rich feature set, CinePlayer continues to receive strong interest and support from PC OEMs. As a key element of our overall corporate focus on 3D, we continue to work with other industry leaders to introduce new, compelling 3D products and services that further drive the market for 3D in the home," said Roxio Executive VP Matt DiMaria.


Apr 27 2010

News - Windows 7 Embedded Announced - With Media Center Integration

We don't normally post press releases, but this one I felt was important to everyone given the market of Media Center in the home theater crowd. It's going to be interesting to see how this maps out, both from an enthusiast and OEM side. What say you, are you interested in building a Windows 7 Embedded HTPC? There are some benefits to doing so (think of the stability), but will you miss the extras you've grown accustomed to?

Microsoft Delivers Windows 7 Technologies to Device Manufacturers With Release of Windows Embedded Standard 7

Newly unveiled Windows Media Center feature helps OEMs deliver differentiated connected media, TV and set-top box device experiences with rich user interface capabilities and integrated multimedia. 

      SAN JOSE, Calif. — April 27, 2010 — Today during an industry address at the Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) Silicon Valley, Microsoft Corp. announced the release to manufacturing of Windows Embedded Standard 7, delivering the power, familiarity and reliability of the Windows 7 operating system in a highly customizable and componentized form. OEMs can leverage Windows Embedded Standard 7 to create differentiated experiences and enhanced connectivity with Windows-based PCs, servers and online services on specialized devices, such as thin clients, digital signage and industrial controls for the enterprise, as well as set-top boxes (STBs), connected media devices (CMDs), and TVs for consumers.

      “With the release of Windows Embedded Standard 7, Microsoft has furthered its commitment to the integration of Windows 7 technologies in the specialized consumer and enterprise device markets by providing OEMs with the latest innovative technologies to differentiate through rich, immersive user experiences and streamlined connectivity,” said Kevin Dallas, general manager of the Windows Embedded Business Unit at Microsoft. “The addition of the Windows Media Center feature in Windows Embedded Standard 7 is driving the set-top box, connected media device and TV markets by providing OEMs with opportunities to develop uniquely branded experiences and service providers with capabilities to explore additional revenue streams with unique content through a centralized media hub in the home.”

Full press release click Read More......


Apr 18 2010

News - MythDora 12.23 New Release Available

Looking for a free home theater PC software? Well, Linux is always an option, and Mythdora has been the choice of many for years. Thanks to Tim for the heads up of this new release.

Changes in MythDora 12:

  * The auto-installation method has been removed
  * The frontend now heavily relies on the timezone of the system matching the backend
  * mythflix, mythphone and mythstreamtv have been dropped
  * Only themes based on the new API are included
  * atilibusb and other ir devices are now standardized under the devinput userspace. Note that lircd & lircrc files have changed
  * Forced execution of mythdora setup via firstboot so it cannot be missed
  * Stock rpmfusion based mythtv packages, settings and themes
  * Updated the included firmware for expanded model support


Mar 31 2010

News - Installing and Configuring Win7 Media Center Start to Finish

My fellow Microsoft Media Center MVP Pete Stagman has a fantastic post (which he insists he will continue updating) which covers a ton of great topics if you're in the process of installing Windows 7 on your new or old system.

With a stripe set, you have 2 or more Hard Drives acting as if they are a single drive. In the example below, I have 2 - 500GB Hard Drives acting like a single 1TB Hard Drive. When the tuners are recording the TV streams, the controllers will write the data to each drive in "Stripes". It will write a small amount to drive 1, then a small amount to drive 2, alternating back and forth between the drives. Data can be written to the drives almost twice as fast as a single drive. If you have more than 2 drives, the same striping occurs, the drives will be written to in sequence as fast as the tuners can send the data. The dis-advantage to a stripe set is that if ANY 1 drive fails, ALL the data on the stripe set is lost.



Mar 30 2010

News - Some More WHS V2 details

Last month we saw leaked photos of the upcoming V2 of Windows Home Server, here are some further details courtesy of the SageTV forums.

Built on the RTM bits of Windows Server 2008 R2.
Will come in 2 flavors, HOMESTANDARD and HOMEPREMIUM
Requires an x64 Processor.
Requires a minimum of 160GB primary hard drive.
Server "Desktop Experience" is installed OOB (meaning Aero, Media, etc).
Built-In HomeGroup Support (unlike WS2008 R2)
WHS Console is now the "Dashboard", and has a cleaner Add-In model (all pages are now AddIns).
There will be an online catalog for add-ins hosted by Microsoft.
While there is a "Recorded TV" option in the folders, there does not presently appear to be deeper media integration. That may come in later builds.
It *appears* that WHS now backs itself up.

Mar 21 2010

News - Watch March Madness On Demand with SageTV MS MediaCenter and Boxee

Here's a cool roundup by Brent of the various media center applications and how you can access the streaming games from CBS! Hope you've been enjoying the tournament as much as I have! What happened to you Kansas?! :-)

{joomsay link= [GeekTonic]}Most everyone can watch the NCAA Tournament on their TV sets these days thanks to their local CBS channel. But what if you want to watch the game that isn’t being “focused on” by the CBS affiliate in your area? Well one choice is to fire up the laptop and watch it on and choose the game of your choice to stream to the computer. But what if you want to pick and choose the game for your TV set? Well that’s possible with three of the leading HTPC software programs.{/joomsay} 

Mar 16 2010

News - GeeXboX 2.0 Alpha 2 released

Do you like free stuff? Do you like penguins? Well hey, then Linux is what you should be using for your HTPC!! And we have some guys here who will help you get started. A new GeeXBoX release of their HTPC software is out for your approval. It's pretty cool to see how the app has evolved over the years, looks very refined.


{joomsay link= [H-Online]}GeeXboX 2.0 Alpha 2 features the latest 2.6.33 Linux kernel, the 0.5.0 development build of the Enna open source media center application and corrects a playback issue that affected OGG files. Additionally, the LiveCD and Win32 installers that allow users to install GeeXboX have been fixed and should now be working properly. Other notable changes include upgraded NVIDIA graphics drivers, Kernel Mode Settings (KMS) for ATI, Intel and NVIDIA drivers, and the restoration of internationalisation support.{/joomsay} 


Feb 25 2010

News - Boxee Beta Finally on AppleTV

This is where a strong community is so important to the success of a company like Boxee. The latest AppleTV Firmware had changed and broken Boxee's ability to run on it, so some users decided to fix it for themselves, and then share to the world! Kudos!

{joomsay link= [Boxee Blog]}You can now, once more, pwn your AppleTV following these super simple instructions, and get the Boxee Beta on that shiny Apple box. In fact, if you already have Boxee Alpha installed, you should be able to just update Launcher and then update Boxee to achieve the same result :) Kudos to JimWiley and hillbilly1980 from the Boxee forum for making the original update script, and Amet, davilla and stephan.diederich from Team XBMC and atvusb-creator for fixing the Launcher, SoftwareMenu and the Creator itself, permitting this goodness.{/joomsay} 

Feb 24 2010

News - February 2010 Windows Media Center Cumulative Update for Windows 7

Looks like a new update for Windows Media Center is on. I wasn't even aware they were working on one, but it looks like it has some nice updates including one to address some digital cable tuner issues. Proceed at your own risk however, sometimes the updates will do more harm than good!

The February 2010 Cumulative Update for Windows Media Center for Windows 7 resolves the following issues:

  • Improves the overall experience for systems that are configured by using digital cable card tuners.
  • Resolves backward compatibility issues for some legacy Windows Media Center extensibility applications.
  • Resolves an issue with how recorded TV shows are managed when switching to a user locale that is based on the Hijri calendar.
  • Improves the overall experience when you use Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting (ISDB) tuners. ISDB is a Japanese standard for digital television and digital radio.

Microsoft Support

Feb 22 2010

News - MediaPortal 1.1 Release Candidate Arrives to HTPC World

We've been covering the news from the Media Portal team for a while given their many delays, and the time is almost here, as they announce their Release Candidate. Assuming nothing major creeps up, we should see a final very soon! Way to go Media Portal team!

{joomsay link= [GeekTonic]}The beta version of 1.1 was released last August with many updates. Now that it has been moved out of beta the developers have made some major changes to increase the stability of MediaPortal as well as improvements in compatibility between the TSReader filter and third party video codecs. In addition they’ve increased the user interface in many areas (most noticeable inside MyTV).{/joomsay} 

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