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Aug 17 2007

News - SageTV V6.2.6 Release Candidate is Ready!

The folks at SageTV, masters of all operating systems, have released a RC for their Version 6. Now that QAM has been implemented, I wonder what is next for the SageTV crowd? HD Extender? UI overhaul? Only time will tell, go on grab one of the nine available downloads.

{joomsay link= [SageTV]}Time to go to the Release Candidate level with V6.2. Give this one a good pounding and let us know of any issues you find. We've also got some more UI updates again for you to enjoy as well (yes, we've been paying attention to your feedback).{/joomsay}

Hit the readmore for the full list of changes and download links. 


Aug 09 2007

News - LinuxMCE 0704 in british!

Ok, I'm sure maybe 50% of you actually remember the first LinuxMCE video ...which They've since upgraded to the newer, more expensive Gyration remote, but at least mention being able to use a standard MCE remote with it. Give the video a watch if you're at all interested.

eHomeUpgradeAll major features are now working. LinuxMCE is integrated into the KDE desktop and runs on Kubuntu Feisty 0704. The installer is completely redone, and there are now 2 versions. The CD installer, which comes on 2 cd's and installs on top of a clean Kubuntu install, or the new DVD installer which only requires key presses and setups up your hard drive and installs Kubuntu with LinuxMCE in about 20 minutes.

Aug 01 2007

News - SageTV V6.2.5 Beta

A NICE NICE update from Sage ! ClearQAM now has native support with the Hauppauge 1600/1800 and work is underway with the Aver tuner.

Windows Updates
1. Added support for HVR-1800
2. Added ClearQAM support for HVR-1600 & HVR-1800 (1800 has undergone limited testing)
3. Added support for AverMedia M780 in Windows Vista (ClearQAM support *might* work in Vista only; but hasn't undergone necessary testing yet)
4. Don't ignore encoders that have already been configured
5. Fixed what the UI shows for default language track selection in DirectShow Media Player
6. Added support for selecting between multiple audio tracks for AVI files
7. Added CoreAVC filter and the new Cyberlink filter to the default H.264 codec search list
8. Fixed bug in Direct3D renderer where the transparency was sometimes wrong on the shading color
9. Fixed location of default music, video and pictures directories on Windows Vista.
10. Fixed bug where music files would end early
11. Added support for Nebula DVB-T tuner.


Click the read more button for the entire change log.
Jul 30 2007

News - ReplayTV HD Beta Testers Wanted

Kevin at Floppyhead reports that ReplayTV is looking to finally add HD tuning to their software.  Lucky for everyone, they are looking for beta testers so you can get a sneak peek at the software before it is released if you are chosen.

{joomsay link= []}ReplayTV, once a rival to Tivo, is now focusing their efforts on the computer platform. The initial version of the ReplayTV software was severly lacking, especially since it was not able to handle ASTC over the air HD broadcasts{/joomsay}

Sign up here .

Jul 16 2007

News - Windows Home Server RTM'd

Windows Home Server was RMT'd on time and should ship in the Fall.  Looking forward to seeing what add-ins people create to further enhance its integration with MCE.

{joomsay link= [Windows Home Server Blog]}Woo-hoo! We did it. Today we are announcing that Windows Home Server has been released to manufacturing (RTM). We have finalized the software and now handing it off to our OEM partners. The evaluation version (with 120 day evaluation period) and the system builder version are also heading into the distribution channels and will be available in the next couple of months. French, German and Spanish versions will be finalized shortly, and OEM products will hit retail shelves this fall.{/joomsay}

Jul 12 2007

News - Sage TV 6.24 Beta

I can't believe I overlooked a new beta at Sage. My apologies, I guess we need to get another contest going for user submitted news :). At any rate, Sage has a new beta out. The UI is a bit more polished then before and they even make it easier for people to develop themed graphics for the program. It takes studio out of the equation :). Click the read more button for a full list 

{joomsay link= [SageTV]}A new search menu is available at: Schedule Recordings -> Search. This new search menu can be used to search for TV content (recorded or not), Videos (recordings and imported videos), Music, or Photos. The Search command jumps to this screen and all other TV/Video/Music search menus have been eliminated. (There was no photo search previously){/joomsay}

Jul 10 2007

News - Two Ways to Rip HD-DVD and Blu-Ray Discs

Without Managed Copy, how is someone supposed to store the movies they own on a hard drive? Here are two legally questionable products that can rip a HD-DVD or Blu-rayto a hard drive.

{joomsay link= [Floppyhead]}The goal of any media center user should be to store as much content as possible digitally. The release of the next generation of DVDs, known as HD-DVD or Blu-ray, was supposed to allow a “legal” way to copy your movies to a hard drive (referred as Managed Copy). Managed Copy is not expected to be included in Vista Media Center until the next release of the media center software, most likely in the fall of 2008. That is a long way away.{/joomsay} 

Jul 03 2007

News - GeeXboX 1.1: 'Not a Substitue for Human Interaction' Edition

Too little, too late? Anyone still using or waiting for Geekbox updates? It's been almost a year, but they do have some nice changes. I'd be curious to know why one would use Geek over Myth. I'm sure there's a reason, so it really is a genuine question.

{joomsay link= [GeekBox]}While still working on version 2.0, the next version of GeeXboX (1.2) will come with some features that were requested for quite a long time. First, it'll come in both 32 and 64 bits editions (second one is 15% faster). But more importantly, it'll be first version of GeeXboX to come with a native HDTV screens support. So, just stay tuned, most of these features are already available, and 1.2 won't take a year to come this time ;-) By the way, speaking about the future, we're looking for a Sony PlayStation 3 to port GeeXboX to: that would make the best HTPC ever. Feel free to help us doing so ;-) {/joomsay}


Jun 26 2007

News - June 2007 Cumulative Update for Media Center for Windows Vista

These types of things always make me as nervous as they do excited. I'd advise everyone to do a system backup BEFORE installing this.....JUUUUST in case. Not that they don't know what they're doing, but anything is possible when talking about OS updates. Please post your success/problems with it in the forums!

This is a cumulative update. This update replaces the following updates:

929011 Windows Media Center does not correctly configure a combo TV tuner that supports both ATSC and NTSC signals on a Windows Vista-based computer
932753  When you resize the Windows Media Center window in Windows Vista, video playback may stop
932818  April 2007 Cumulative Update for Media Center for Windows Vista
931967  You cannot hear the audio in Live TV or on a DVD in Windows Media Center after you wake a computer that is running Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows Vista Ultimate
and most interesting of all.....
In addition to the fixes that are contained in the updates that are listed in the "Hotfix replacement information" section, the June 2007 Cumulative Update for Media Center for Windows Vista includes the following updates:
Several fixes for the Media Center Extensibility Platform
An update to the Digital Cable Card component to provide better support for interaction between the digital cable tuner, the CableCARD, and Media Center
Go grab the update here
Jun 14 2007

News - Wii and PS3 Media Centers

If you've got a Wii or a PS3, and I guess you get bored with all those games, there's a nice option out there for you which will allow you to convert it into a Media Center with very little effort. Of course, you can't stream LiveTV without an "official" MCE Extender, but these apps appear to be able to do just about everything else.




Here are some of the features from the PS3 version:

Videos - PS3 Media Center X lets you stream and watch videos in the Flash video format (FLV) on your PS3. You can download flash videos from many places on the internet or create your own using PS3 Video 9.

Music - PS3 Media Center X lets you playback MP3s on your PS3 without the need of any copying or downloading.

Pictures - Red Kawa Media Center lets you view pictures on your PS3 without the need of any copying or downloading.

Files - PS3 Media Center X lets you browse and copy files located on your server to your PS3.

Check them out here . 


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