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Sep 18 2007

News - SageTV V6.2 has been released!

Sage has released version 6.2.10. It is no longer a release candidate, but has been finalized as a release version.

{joomsay link= [Sage TV]}SageTV Version 6.2 is now available on our website in the download area! The main updates to V6.2 over V6.1 are as follows: Support for DVB-T, DVB-C and DVB-S on Windows including support for CAM/CI Support for DVB-T, DVB-C and DVB-S on Linux ClearQAM support for the Hauppauge HVR-1600 & HVR-1800 on Windows ClearQAM support for the AverMedia M780 on Vista only BDA Support for the HDHomeRun Lots of Bug Fixes & performance optimizations Updated User Interface New User Interface Themes Enhanced H.264 Support Added AppleTV and iPhone transcoding support{/joomsay}
Sep 09 2007

News - xLobby Pre-Release 7

Not really news, as this release of xLobby just extends the expiration date of the earlier version. According to his note from CEDIA, you can expect a Version 3 beta a little later down the road. A little background info on xLobby, they were a freeware front-end app similar to Meedio that was recently bought out by a custom installer. The software is currently undergoing a complete re-write and looks to have solid potential as a commcerical application. Though, there is no TV mentioned anywhere in the roadmap.

{joomsay link= [xLobby]}I'm posting this from my hotel at cedia, someone came by the booth today and told me the old version was expiring today....I can't remember their username but thanks for telling me....I've just been so busy with the new build I forgot to extend the expiration date on the old one. So we've extended the expiry date to October 20th on this build. The new version is just taking longer than what I thought so I still don't have something you guys can play with. What most likely will happen is the new version, which will be called version 3, since the rendering system, and skin editor has been completely rewritten (I showed a little bit of this at cedia)...there are some other neat things we've added but I wont go into details right now. {/joomsay}

Sep 09 2007

News - SageTV V6.2.8 Release Candidate is Here!

Get 'er while she is hot.

SageTV V6.2.8 Release Notes 9/7/2007 Release Candidate 3

Core Updates
1. Fixed bug in transcoder STV url handling (caused crashes in MKV file thumbnail generation; and also caused thumbnails to be generated for the wrong time)
2. Updated DVB-T entries for Germany
3. Changed alpha cutoff level for when we don't render a shape on top of the Overlay to be 60 (it used to be 97)
4. Changed rules for re-linking MediaFiles with their EPG data when the data is updated after the recording has completed. SageTV now checks for a better overlap in time and won't modify the metadata if it's not a significant enough overlap.
5. Add longer waiting timeout for locking QAM DVBC channel.
6. FIX: QAM Scan failure caused by PredefinedQAM.frq or QAM Cache is enabled
7. Fixed bug where if any audio stream in file was encrypted we'd mark the whole file as encrypted
8. FIX: we wait for more packets to get channel name to lock the right channel if stream source changes program id
9. Fix the problem that irregular PMTs (different PMTs share one pid ) carried in stream mess up ATSC/DVB parser.

Media Extender Updates
1. If we're using the transcoder which means smooth FF/REW are disabled; then do a skip instead if we receive those requests.

Windows Updates
1. Fixed bug where playback of a recording would lose audio because the audio tracks dynamically switched during the recording.

STV Updates
1. Added bg fill color behind Program Guide's scroll bar.
2. Removed 3GP from the presorted list of conversion formats, because that caused it to be added when it wasn't already one of the choices.
3. Fixed channel scan so that QAM channels aren't added a 2nd time after rescanning.
4. Search Music by album title: don't show any results of the search term is blank.

Sep 08 2007

News - Microsoft bringing Internet TV feature to Windows Media Center

After giving the Xbox360 all the love, MS is finally bringing some of its content to the Media Center Platform. They must have realized that the partner offerings pretty much SUCKED when trying to download content. Internet TV will be a normal software update around Sepetember 27th and will allow users to watch ad-supported content free of charge.

{joomsay link= [Engadget]}Additionally, the videos will reportedly be "better than SD quality, but not HD," although HD programs could certainly emerge in the future. Best of all, this feature will simply be delivered as a normal software update, and while it seems that we'll have to wait until Digital Life before we know any more, feel free to peep the gallery below for a few shots of the Internet TV beta in action/{/joomsay}

Sep 03 2007

News - Windows Home Server Updates ...

Wondering where WHS goodness is? Well the official MS blog has a quick update for you. Basically, manufacturers wanted to include some last minute updates before releasing their product. Click the link for the long winded version.

{joomsay link= [MS Blog] }We’ve identified a number of ways to make the product even better since the initial release, As with most Microsoft products, updates to Windows Home Server will be automatically available throughout the lifecycle of the product and the WHS team is working on an update that will be available in September. These updates will enhance the usability and improve the out-of-the-box experience of home server solutions. Additional updates will occur over the lifespan of the product as we receive feedback from the user community, our hardware partners and software partners. Microsoft’s current plan is to make this update available as part of the monthly Windows Updates process in September{/joomsay}

Aug 28 2007

News - Three MythTV Linux Distros

I have toyed with Linux for a while and even contemplated trying out MythTV. This article sems to cover Distro options fairly well but I am sure Myth users could shed some more light on the subject.

{joomsay link= []}My Series 1 TiVo is getting old, so I am planning an escape route based on MythTV, a free software system that turns an old computer into a personal video recorder. This week I tested three MythTV-specific Linux distributions: KnoppMyth, MythDora, and MythBuntu. I found MythDora the best overall fit for my needs -- but there are important distinctions between the three that may lead you to a different decision.{/joomsay}
Aug 26 2007

News - MythTV 0.22.2 Release

We have TWO MythTV users on our staff and I am the one posting this news tidbit. For shame John and Lothar.... For Shame! You will want to head over to for the latest info. The link I supplied here is to the MythTV Wiki for the release notes.

{joomsay link= [MythTV Wiki]}The major impetus for this release is the shutdown of TMS Labs; among other changes this adds Schedules Direct support. The 0.20.2 release notes have a list of the two major and many minor changes since 0.20.1. Since 0.20.1 never made it to a public release you may want to look at the 0.20.1 release notes as well. Standard release info: Grab the release from the download section and please at least try to read the docs before asking questions. The binary packages should hopefully be updated to 0.20.2 soon. See this links section for a list of complete linux distributions based around MythTV. {/joomsay}

Aug 23 2007

News - Schedules Direct and CT TV appear to be waging a price war

If you recall, Zap2it has cut off access to its free data service. A couple of services hope to step in and offer the community a reasonably priced solution. CT TV, the maker of CTPVR, hope to attract users with a 30 dollar a year price tag and Schedule Direct plans on charging 15 dollars for three months. Given the legion of free software, there should be a little bit of money made:).

{joomsay link= [PVRWire]}Considering CTpvr has long been an also-ran in the world of software-based PVRs, CT TV could become a real money maker for the company. That's assuming free PVR users are willing to pay for TV listings at all and don't just find a way to improve applications that scrape the same data off of online TV guide pages for free.{/joomsay}  

Aug 19 2007

News - No early release for Windows Home Server

Looks like the story I reported on earlier was in fact false. There will be no early release as suggested. The August 27th date was when tech support for system builders starts. It won't be too long :).

Aug 18 2007

News - Windows Home Server coming August 27th?

Not much else to say. A couple of sites ar ereporting that WHS will be hitting shelves on August 27th. I can only hope they will surprise us with a Media Center plugin :).


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