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Jun 17 2010

News - Paramount: Redbox Had ‘Minimal Impact’ on DVD Sales

What a revolutionary thought...actually do research before hopping on the bandwagon. I've always felt that DVD rental sales only help actual sales. If you're going to buy a movie, you're going to buy it either way. Good for Paramount bucking the trend they could easily have followed.
“After analyzing the data from our test period we have concluded that redbox day-and-date rental activity has had minimal impact on our DVD sales,” said Dennis Maguire, Worldwide President of Paramount Home Entertainment. “By granting redbox day-and-date availability we are allowing the consumer a choice of how to consume our movies while maximizing the profitability of our releases in the home entertainment window. We are looking forward to continuing a productive and mutually beneficial relationship with redbox.”


Jun 15 2010

News - June 15th Blu-ray Releases

After a skimpy week of releases last week, there are a fair number of good selections this week. Mary & Max received a lot of positive reviews, but I was rather bored throughout it. The Stepfather was a dreadfully unoriginal thriller, predictable from start to finish. Luckily there are some gems here--who can forget the CLASSIC FLASH GORDON!?!??! Seeing fat bearded warriors with wings sound interesting? Then you need to check it out! I'm curious to see how it looks on Blu-ray, and if it'll actually detract from it. Then again, it's been at least 10 years since I've even seen it. Other than that, When in Rome is exactly what you expect it to be, Youth In Revolt is great as long as you like Michael Cera (who plays the rather same character he always does), and then Unthinkable was a very intense film that hasn't gotten a lot of publicity but deserves some attention for Samuel L. Jackson's role in it.

MissingRemote's Pick of the Week

I actually watched this film on the flight back from Taiwan, so I might be biased since it was an extremely long flight, but I had an absolute blast watching this, even though the content was edited!! The story is fairly interesting, as mankind has gotten close to extinction and it's up to Denzel to protect the last copy of the Bible. Of course, some bad guys want it, so it's up to him to thwart them. It somewhat reminded me of Waterworld, without the water, only way better since it doesn't have Kevin Costner! Nobody's going to win an Oscar here, but I think it's a pretty good action packed ride.


Note:  Warner Brothers,Universal and Fox titles which  have the 30-day Netflix/Redbox rental window imposed on them are noted with ** next to the title.

Jun 08 2010

News - June 8th Blu-ray Releases

Not a ton to pick from this week. Caddyshack is of course a comedy classic but not sure the Blu-ray treatment is all that special for it--looking forward to finding out. The Illusionist was a good movie as well, but kinda old. So that leaves pretty much the only major new release...

MissingRemote's Pick of the Week

I'm not a huge Dicaprio fan, but Shutter Island is a pretty good thrill ride. I remember watching it on my flight back from Taiwan and was pretty captivated by it. The acting is good and the plotline is intense, as DiCaprio plays a detective that goes to a mysterious island where crazy patients are kept, and some start disappearing. I don't want to spoil any of the twists (there are a lot of them!) but definitely worth checking out.


Note:  Warner Brothers,Universal and Fox titles which  have the 30-day Netflix/Redbox rental window imposed on them are noted with ** next to the title.

Jun 01 2010

News - June 1st Blu-ray Releases

Great week if you're a Clint Eastwood fan, as he gets the Blu-ray treatment on a lot of his great films. The Director Cut collection includes Million Dollar Baby as well as the amazing Unforgiven, as well as two others. The prison fight movie Undisputed somehow received funding to make a 3rd film...can't imagine it's much different than the first two--prisoners, fighting. My pick was a fairly popular one in the box office so shouldn't be a surprise here.

MissingRemote's Pick of the Week

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp team up yet again for Burton's take on the kid's movie Alice in Wonderland, and it's a fairly trippy ride. I wasn't in love with the movie, but Depp does a great job (really the whole cast does) and really gets you into the new world. With some twists from the original story since Alice is now grown up, but still keeps the popular characters and as long as you can stand Depp in his excentric roles, then you should enjoy this one as well. 3 Discs on this release, with BD, DVD and Digital Copy, no word yet on a 3D version though.



Note:  Warner Brothers,Universal and Fox titles which  have the 30-day Netflix/Redbox rental window imposed on them are noted with ** next to the title.


May 25 2010

News - May 25th Blu-ray Releases

Not many new releases this week, but there are quite a few classics in the mix. A couple Troma releases--which if you haven't seen, let's just say you better have a sturdy stomach, not my style at all. Seven Swords is arguably one of the classic kung-fu films of all time, and was almost my pick for the week. I saw the Road, and I almost fell asleep...overrated if you ask me. None of these could compete with my pick of the week though, one which I've seen a ridiculous amount of times growing up.

MissingRemote's Pick of the Week

You can keep your 3D! Keep your fancy dancy acting! Keep it all. I will gladly keep the CLASSIC and original Clash of the Titans! Featuring (briefly) Laurence Olivier as Zeus, the special effects in this film were...um...good for their time. No way do they match up to the newest remake of this, but I fondly remember growing up watching this. I spent many a night cringing at Medusa. Yeah, it's an all around good time, must see if you never have--just keep an open mind!


Note:  Warner Brothers,Universal and Fox titles which  have the 30-day Netflix/Redbox rental window imposed on them are noted with ** next to the title.


May 17 2010

News - Denon DBP-1611UD Universal Blu Player First Look

My how Denon has continued to evolve and extend its market presence. Back in the day, no way you would see a Denon component for $400, yet when all their direct competitors are releasing expensive Blu-ray players, Denon comes in cheaper and feature filled. Not a bad deal.


The new Denon DBP-1611UD might not have all the bells and whistles that the Oppo does, but it does sport a lower price, Netflix streaming, and more than enough functionality for the common user. We think this is going to be a huge hit for Denon and expect them to sell these by the boatload (literally).


May 12 2010

News - Kaleidescape Brings DRM to Blu-ray Copying

Kaleidescape systems are super slick, but with the recent legal troubles you have be curious of things to come. This announcement is somewhat underwhelming. So you can store your Blu-rays digitally, but then you have to find and put the disk back in the drive in order to play it....so....what's the point? 





The new M500 can copy Blu-ray discs onto a legacy Kaleidescape server. The Blu-rays, along with all of the metadata, appear in the standard Kaleidescape library.

“Just like DVDs, the Blu-rays are a pristine bit-for-bit copy,” says Linus Wong, director of product marketing.

In order to play a Blu-ray title, the physical disc must be in an M500 DVD tray. At least you can place it in any tray on the network. And, as Wong says, “Most installs would have a few M500 players.”


May 11 2010

News - May 11th Blu-ray Releases

Nice amount of selections out this week. I haven't seen Daybreakers yet, but I'm always a fan of some nice vampire action, this one with a twist in that the vampires run the world. I saw Legion with anticipation, and was quickly disappointed. Edge of Darkness was a pretty decent thriller from Mel Gibson, with some nice surprises throughout. If you even sort of enjoy Westerns, Hang Em High is a CLASSIC with Clint Eastwood. And then there appears to be a bunch of Mel Brooks films being released in Blu-ray. Which brings us to my pick of the week...

MissingRemote's Pick of the Week

I think this movie ranks 2nd, just behind Spaceballs, on my list of favorite Mel Brooks movies. The cast and writing is hysterical, and the corny jokes just happen to work. It reminds me of the Monty Python films, leaving memorable lines such as: "I'm one side, I'm on the other side. I'm on the east side, I'm on the west side. It ain't exactly the Mississipi!" Oh yeah, Dave's character name...Achoo. And no, that joke does not get old! Seriously, if you haven't seen this, please do!!


Note:  Warner Brothers,Universal and Fox titles which  have the 30-day Netflix/Redbox rental window imposed on them are noted with ** next to the title.


May 07 2010

News - Six Questions: Blockbuster CEO Jim Keyes

I always am intrigued by how open some of these CEO's will be in these Q&A's. Here is the head of Blockbuster, who isn't shy about blaming Viacom for their debt and bragging about their not having the 28-day new release window.
Blockbuster’s strategy to be a multichannel entertainment solution is strongly supported by our studio partners, and we believe those strong relationships can translate to kiosks as well. We think the 28-day window for new releases that we enjoy reflects that studio perspective and is a huge competitive advantage for us. As customers expect to find a uniform experience wherever they see the Blockbuster logo, we are eager to work with the studios and NCR to negotiate for early release across all of our platforms — stores, digital, mail and kiosks.


May 07 2010

News - Warner Bros. Expands its offering of $5 DVD to Blu-ray Program

Has anyone taken advantage of this so far? Seems like a pretty sweet deal, and they've expanded it to 90 titles. For only $5 you can trade in your DVD for the Blu-ray version.
Responding to the extraordinary growth of Blu-ray set-top hardware, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group has expanded its "DVD2Blu" upgrade program. Starting today, consumers can select from 90 of Warner Home Video's most popular titles to upgrade that include the action-packed "Under Siege" and "Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut" as well as classics from the 1980s including "Risky Business" and "The Lost Boys."

According to recently published figures by the Digital Entertainment Group, sales of Blu-ray hardware for the first quarter of 2010 increased by 125 percent over the same period in 2009. The DVD2Blu program will serve as a great way for new Blu-ray owners to jump start their Blu-ray Disc collections.


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