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Dec 10 2010

News - Must-Have Blu-ray TV Setup Discs Reviewed

Most of you probably are familiar with Spears & Munsil, one of the most known HD calibration discs out there. If you have never used one of these on your system, they help you to calibrate your system. If that sounds familiar, our own Aaron Ledger published a guide to help convince you on how to Calibrate Your Display that you should read first!

Blu-ray Calibration

From the Goofy tutorials (the noun, not the adjective) to the more advanced descriptions of interlace vs progressive, 24p and so on, this disc covers the basics and most of the intermediate stuff that an informed consumer ought to know. Even better, it’s presented in a slick, big-budget fashion. Lush HD scenes are the backdrop for most topics. For the intro clips, there’s Goofy being goofy.


Dec 07 2010

News - Warner Bros. DVD2BLU Program Allows You to Swap ANY DVD

I just received an e-mail this morning from Warner Bros. that the DVD2BLU program is again allowing the trade-in of ANY DVD to a choice of 105 Blu-ray titles. Free shipping on orders over $35.


Swap any qualifying DVD for a brand new Blu-Ray Disc for as low as $4.95.
DVDs can be Warner Bros. or non-Warner Bros. titles.
Check out the entire selection at: http://www.dvd2blu.com

Dec 06 2010

News - Blu-ray Releases - December 7, 2010

Sorry there's no $400 3D discs for sale this week, just your average number of regular films. Alice in Wonderland comes out in its 3D, and then there's the Shrek Quadrilogy with hopefully the final Shrek chapter.

MissingRemote's Pick of the Week

I'm not sure how much of an introduction is needed for this fantastic movie from director Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight) and starring Leonardo Dicaprio and what seemed to be the entire cast of The Dark Knight. The movie revolves around the idea of breaking into peoples minds and stealing things from their dream world. Very innovative idea and the special effects are just awesome. Great movie all around that actually has lived up to the hype. If you're buying this, keep in mind with any movie this big be prepared to see several versions and "collectors" editions.

Nov 30 2010

News - November 30th Blu-ray Releases

Aaron pointed out that Avatar 3D is currently exclusive to Panasonic owners and fetching a nice price on ebay, but unfortunately not available through regular channels yet. Who wants to guess if it will break the 3D Blu-ray sales records Smile

Outside of that, pretty slow week. The Sorcerer's Apprentice was entertaining, as was Going The Distance, believe it or not.

MissingRemote's Pick of the Week

Nov 30 2010

News - DVD industry in crisis as sales slump

Raise your hand if you've heard this before, the slumping economy is hurting the **** industry. It seems to be a defacto excuse for a lot of big companies. But...if DVDs and Blu-ray are so dead, then why does a movie like Avatar break records on sales? Inception's coming out...I think it will do just fine. I think this is more an issue for TV Series viewers who used to have to wait for the DVD to catch an episode they missed. But if the studios now have this additional licensing revenue (either advertising from their streams on their site or the fee a company like Netflix pays them), then doesn't that counter the loss of physical revenue?

Sure they might not sell 500,000 copies of The Office, but if now they sell 300,000 copies, and they have 1,000,000 people viewing episodes then that sure sounds like a good balance. I'm slightly bothered by the article mentioning that people are going online for "free" episodes they missed--the content airs "free" with advertising on broadcast TV just as it does online. Eventually these will sync up and I think they'll make even more money in the long run. A good movie/TV show will always be in demand.

Now a combination of the economic downturn and the digital revolution has forced the video industry to face up to the same crisis that still traumatises record companies – how to make up the income lost when your key physical product is in decline and predicted to become obsolete within 20 years. Sales and rentals of DVDs and Blu-ray discs fell by 7% to $10.9bn in the first nine months of this year compared with last year, according to the industry body The Digital Entertainment Group; and the British Video Association says DVD sales fell 5.6% last year. The fall was most severe in new-release titles, which account for 25% of the market, with sales crashing 15% in 2009.

Nov 29 2010

News - Panasonic DMP-BD655 Blu-ray Disc Player

Here's a review of Panasonic's Blu-ray player with quite a lot of integrated online services.

It’s about time I upgraded my Blu-Ray player I think, and Geeks.com has come through for me by sending a very nice Panasonic unit for review.  My current Blu-Ray player is an older model from Sony with not many features at all, and with very slow load times. Today for review I’ve got the Panasonic model DMP-BD655 Blu-Ray player that features fast boot and load times along with Viera Cast online features like Twitter, Netflix and even Amazon Video to just name a few. The unit is small and lightweight and I’m happy with it overall, but there are a few tweaks I’d like to see done to it.


Nov 26 2010

News - Slysoft AnyDVD to end Lifetime Upgrade Purchases

I actually thought they had done this last year...but apparently I'm wrong. Slysoft AnyDVD is THE best software for ripping your Blu-ray and DVD movies to your hard drive, strictly for backup purposes. So...if you find yourself needing something like that you may want to take advantage before you have to start paying for upgrades. The upgrades are CRITICAL as new movies come out with newer encryption schemes which require patches.

For new purchases only, as of January 1st 2011, SlySoft will discontinue the 'lifetime' update subscription. This is being announced well in advance to give everybody a final opportunity to acquire SlySoft products with lifetime free updates or change his limited subscription to lifetime.


Nov 23 2010

News - November 23rd Blu-ray Releases

Wow...what a tough week. I haven't seen Eat, Pray, Love...but I've seen enough to know it wasn't going to be my pick. Deadwood was a good show, but I never followed it. So...

MissingRemote's Pick of the Week

Sly Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, DOLPH LUNDGREN...and hey even Arnold!!! Oh this movie had such potential...and I suppose even though I completely knew what to expect, it still underwhelmed. That being said, there are some pretty decent action scenes (shocking) and lots of explosions. So if you're looking for a new film to show off that surround sound, you could do far worse. And Bruce Willis is pretty funny in it FWIW.

Nov 22 2010

News - Amazon Sale on Blu-ray Movie & TV Series

I'm sure this will get better as we get closer to black monday, but Amazon has some pretty sweet Blu-ray deals with lots of titles at only $7.99. Just a reminder, if you feel so inclined you can use the Amazon link box on the right column and help the site out a bit.

Amazon has many Blu-rays & TV Series on Sale from as low as $7.99. Free shipping with Prime (free student or parent/caregiver accounts available) or if you spend $25 or more. Use slick fillers to find other eligible items to help reach the $25 requirement.


Nov 17 2010

News - Selling Family-Friendly Edited Movies...Illegal?

So there's a bit of sarcasm in the title, but what did this guy expect? He was editing their movies, taking out "bad" stuff, and then selling the DVD-R with zero copy protection. Whatever happened to parents just not letting their kids watch movies they weren't old enough for? Would you really want your 8-year old to watch a non-bloody version of "Hurt Locker"? On the bright side, it's good to see studios can work together when it's for their benefit (yes I'm still bitter about HD-DVD). Smile

I tried finding some information from their website, but at the time of this the Family Friendly DVD website was down for the count.

A coalition of major studios including Paramount, Warner Bros., MGM, Disney, Universal and Fox has filed a lawsuit against a defendant who has taken DVD movies such as "Iron Man 2," "The Hurt Locker," "Prince of Persia" and "Date Night," altered them to be free of objectionable content, redistributing them to consumers as "family-friendly." The lawsuit was filed on Thursday in Arizona District Court against Family Edited DVDS, Inc. and its leader, John Webster.
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