Dec 29 2006

News - Medion MD RIM 1000 UMPC in the wild

The potential with UMPC's is there, it's just a question can they become affordable. But how cool would it be to integrate this bad boy into your home configuration--stream tv, control everything--since it is basically the size of one of those expensive remotes. :-)

The Medion MD RIM 1000 UMPC sure beats the Samsung Q1 and Q1b, and perhaps even the Sony UX180p. Why? Because it’s more usable thanks to the integrated slide out keyboard and touch pad. Other features include a 6.5-inch touch screen, 802.11b/g WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0, integrated GPS, DVB-T tuner and web cam.

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Dec 29 2006

News - Keian intros KDVD850HDMI upscaling DVD player with DivX support

Not a bad alternative especially at only $91 assuming it comes out in the US, this player will upconvert your DVDs to 1080i, and your DiVx files as well. I doubt it'll look as good as through a properly configured HTPC, but you can't beat the price & potential. But again, at such a low price, you have to wonder how long it'll last.

Aside from kicking plain ole DVDs up to 1080i via HDMI, playing back DivX files, and touting the admittedly strange dual microphone inputs for that karaoke flair, this unit also touts the ability to render picture-based slideshows and play back MP3 / WMA from USB thumb drives or flash memory cards (SD, MMC, MS, xD).




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Dec 26 2006

News - MSI MEGA PLAYER P640 MP3 player

I am in the market for a new mp3 player and while researching I came across this mp3 player review from XtremeComputing. It looks to be a winner in my opinion. The other player I am considering is the iRiver clix.

Read the Review: 


Once you have entered within your selected function here’s what you will be presented with and again MSI have done an outstanding job keeping everything simple and easy to read, the white text is really bright against the gray background the in what ever lighting you could make out the writing. The picture above is the P640 music feature layout to select how you are going to sort your files: Select all, Select Artist, but the highlight here with the P640 is the Playlist function that allows you to edit your own personal playlist through the player itself, where you would normally have to do this through your Media player and then save it to your device. You can add anything from Albums right down to Voice recordings by just holding down the Submenu button for 2 seconds which calls up the another submenu then clicking add to playlist.

MSI have designed the P640 to be play MP3, WMA and WMA DRM content, any other formats must be converted prior to transferring, it can also be set as a MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) device which is a new protocol and accompanying set of drivers that helps synchronize the device with windows media player 10, if yours is below this it is advised to upgrade for optimal system performance but you can also set is as a MSD (Mass Storage Device) that recognizes it as a portable hard drive that you can transfer files using Windows Explorer.



Dec 08 2006

News - Logitech® Wireless DJ™ Music System Review

I tend to agree with them that the remote is pretty awesome on this, but $250 is a lot of money to spend on this. Slim Devices has similar price ranges for comparable products, but use a display on a device instead of the remote. But I like that they're thinking outside the box, and you can't tell me the remote doesn't catch your eye.

The most impressive part of this system is the Wireless DJ Remote. For starters, it features an ultra-modern design that gives this remote a stellar "Wow" factor, impressing all who see it. The black and silver casing, which includes a removable, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, is thin and lightweight and is about the size of a standard television remote. 

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Dec 06 2006

News - Holiday Gift Ideas from Sound & Vision

They've really got a lot of products they like, so I'll let you enjoy for yourself. They have split it into categories for ease of reading.

If you know a technophile with a craving for some cool stuff, you've come to the right place. Click the links below, and you'll be on your way to finding that special item for that special someone, courtesy of S&V contributor and gift-guider extraordinaire Pete Pachal.

  • Under $100
  • For The Home
  • For On The Go
  • Wild & Wacky

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Dec 02 2006

News - Mvixâ„¢ Wireless HD Media Center

Mvix has just added HD and wireless capabilities to their latest extender. It looks good on paper, but I have yet to see screen caps of the GUI.

Mvix Website:

The new generation of Hi-Def Multimedia Playback is finally here ! Experience a hi-definition media file playback and take your audiovisual experience farther than ever before. The Mvix™ High-Definition Wireless Multimedia Center (MX-760HD) provides an unprecedented file format support and literally puts life back in your digital media content. This hard drive-based multimedia center, built around linux-based architecture is a true home-theater PC offering endless possibilities.

The Mvix™ Hi-Def 802.1G Multimedia Center links to your home network and plugs all your digital media content directly into your TV. You can now access all your multimedia files (music files, videos, and photos) and play it on your large-screen plasma or HDTV. It features the wireless 802.11g technology with WEP infrastructure to deliver maximum wireless signal rates (of up to 54 Mbps) for streaming digital media. The Mvix™ player supports over two dozen media formats, including high-definition video (WMV-9 or MPEG-4 format). The media center is capable of accessing files no matter where they are stored - on it's internal hard disk drive (not included), on your Personal Computer, External USB Storage or even a Network Attached Storage (NAS) box. It provides an easy way of viewing your digital photo files or a slide show with background music. It is even programmed for automatic decoding and convenient bookmarking (playlist) of multiple files within a folder.

Nov 25 2006

News - Smart Home Smart Bath TV

Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? Not only is this great for the guy, think of the bonus points you would get with your wife if you set up a nice bubble bath and put her favorite chick flick in. Just remember not too laugh if she comes out looking like a prune. For a measly three thousand dollars you too can have this TV enabled bath tub. Don't forget the extra "special" massaging action :o.

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Nov 13 2006

News - DivX wants to be in your living room

PVRWire covers the latest article about DiVx's strategy in the home entertainment realm, with some interesting ideas.

 Greenhall says Apple has it right in focusing on a way to bring PC-based media to the TV set. But where Greenhall differs from Steve Jobs is the hardware. He says consumers don't want to have to buy a special device just to move their media throughout the house. Rather, DivX is hoping to partner with the manufacturers of DVD players, PVRs, and other set-top boxes on a software standard called DivX Connected.

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Nov 05 2006

News - Zune: First Full Review

I am a day late and a dollar short on posting this review, but better late then never. Gizmodo, the lucky bastards they are, has posted a full review of the Zune and the Zune marketplace. All the good features such as the WI-FI capability and its UI are talked about and there are lots of pictures to boot. The silly thing is that you are going to have to use points instead of real songs to purchase songs. 

From the article:

Another not-published or seldom-talked-about feature is guesting. A friend can take his Zune over to your computer, set up a "guest" relationship with your Zune Marketplace software (as opposed to a regular owner relationship), and you're free to drag songs and pictures from your library onto her device. These songs do not have the 3 play 3 day limit on them. Depending on whether you purchased or you're leasing these songs, you can do this with either 5 or 2 Zunes, respectively. So in essence, if your wife wants to grab a few songs off your library for listening to, she can—there's no "wife" relationship yet, but engineers are probably working on that. As soon as they get wives.




Nov 03 2006

News - HD Movies coming to a 360 Near You?

Completely a rumor, but I think this makes perfect sense. The ability to purchase movies on MCE & stream to your 360 is already there, so why not cut out the middle man & the wireless streaming problems.

According to Shsibae (huh?), over 1000+ hours of video will make its way onto Live for rental at about $4 a go, or for purchase (at an unstated price). Hard to imagine Xbox 360 doing for PC-free online movie downloads what all the other companies couldn't or haven't (we're looking at you TiVo, Netflix, iTV, etc.), but then again Microsoft did start up with that Xbox Live music video download thing last year.

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