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Dec 11 2006

News - Runco now shipping its THX certified, 1080p Video Xtreme projector lineup

I just love starting arguments, so I'm sure everyone here loves paying the extra money for THX...right? It's a cool name, and super expensive, so it's the best...right? Starting at a cool $35k!

Touted as the "world's first 1080p HD video display products to achieve THX certification," the Video Xtreme lineup of DLP projectors have survived the rigorous testing necessary for any product to get that oh-so-coveted THX logo slapped on it, and now they're all ready to jazz up your home theater (and drain your wallet).


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Dec 05 2006

News - Samsung HL-S5679W 56-inch LED DLP HDTV

Not the cheapest (which is normally a benefit of going rear projection) but it does get rid of the dreaded "rainbow effect" while still giving you a great picture. Overall, I'd say they like it...but in that $4000 price range, you've got a lot of options anyways, so may want to rethink this one.

Besides its exotic light engine, the Samsung HL-S5679W 56-inch LED DLP HDTV is a full-featured set that delivers crisp high-def pictures with rich, satisfying color — and no rainbows. You're bound to find other DLPs that offer similar picture quality at a lower price. But if you're itching to own a forward-looking TV — and LED is sure to play a big role in TV's future — Samsung has your ticket to tomorrow.

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Dec 05 2006

News - Sharp XV-Z20000 1080p DLP projector: Short Take

1080p a projection unit....for only 12 grand? Count me in for one! Heck, how about 2! Wink

The Sharp XV-Z20000 is the third 1080p single-chip DLP projector to pass through our doors. At $11,999 it bucks a growing trend to less expensive, high resolution projectors. But it's far lower in price than competitors such as the $20,000 Marantz VP-11S1 or SIM2's $15K HT3000. And it offers a lot for the money.


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Nov 27 2006

News - Epson's 1080p PowerLite Pro Cinema projector to hit US for $4,999

Not coming out in the US until January 2007, but not like you have $5k laying around for this bad boy ya? If you do...can I come watch the Super Bowl at your house? :-) 

As predicted, the svelte new projector rocks the PowerLite moniker, while maintaining the bevy of impressive specs and curvaceous design. Beneath the hood of the PowerLite Pro Cinema 1080 is Epson's own C2 Fine 1080p 3LCD chips, OptiCinema optics, E-TORL lamp, an AccuCinema lens, and "Absolute Black Technology" which provides a 12,000:1 contrast ratio.

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Nov 15 2006

News - DNP of Denmark Announces New Daylight Viewing Video Screen

This sounds too good to be true, and the article doesn't mention actually seeing it in person, so I'll withhold judgment until somebody does a legitimate review of this. The sunlight has plagued projection units as long as I can remember, and the promise of a cure might make enough people bite the bullet.

NP of Denmark has announced its new Supernova™ Flex front screen. What makes this video screen different is that it can allow viewing of projected images in daylight, while maintaining excellent color saturation, detail, and contrast. 

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Nov 15 2006

News - DLP RPTV half as costly as LCD/PDP for 52-inch TVs

Some pretty cool pricing comparisons if you're curious as to why those companies are trying to take so much of your hard earned cash for those gorgeous displays.

The material costs for a 1080p 52-inch DLP (digital light processing) rear-projection TV (RPTV) are about US$807.52, nearly half of that from a 1080p 52-inch LCD TV and a PDP (plasma display panel) TV, according to DisplaySearch. 

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Nov 15 2006

News - Pioneer PDP-5070HD

Not the cheapest display on the market, but these guys still seem to like it. They also offer a 1080p version in the Elite version of it.

Pioneer’s 7th generation plasma, the PDP-5070HD makes strides over last years offering, the 5060HD with improved black levels and color decoding. Pioneer has also ditched their media box receiver in favor of an integrated ATSC/NTSC tuner and video/audio connections. With an MSRP of $4,000 or more, there are definitely more affordable plasma TV’s on the market. Let’s see what makes the PDP-5070HD worth your hard earned dollar.

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Oct 16 2006

News - Star Wars in HD – But Wait There's More!

All six Star Wars films on HD is almost worth my while to subscribe to Cinemax HD. I am gonna guess the othe r98% of subscribers are in it for the cable porn. If you can't get Cinemax, all six films will be coming to HBO HD sometime next year.

From the article:

All six ‘Star War’s films will air back-to-back starting at midnight November 10th, with additional airings through the month. Even more important [At least to film purists] a spokesmen for the channel has confirmed they’ll all be broadcast in their original aspect ratio! According to a 'TV Week' follow-up new window article; posted today, Comcast also plans on offering the films on HD video-on-demand.

Oct 16 2006

News - Coming To A Theater Near You

Have a tub of popcorn and a barrel of soda for me when you go to these upcoming flicks in the theater.

Week Of October 15th, 2006


Marie Antoinette - Biopic of the beautiful Queen of France who became a symbol for the wanton extravagance of the 18th century monarchy, and was stripped of her riches and finery, imprisoned and beheaded by her own subjects during the French Revolution that began in 1789.

Flicka - Sixteen-year-old Katy McLaughlin dreams of fulfilling her family legacy by working on her father's ranch in modern-day Wyoming. Katy finds a wild mustang, which she names Flicka, and Katy sets out to break through to Flicka and make her a riding horse. But Flicka and Katy are more alike than she could have imagined. Like Katy, Flicka has a disdain for authority and is not about to give up her freedom without a fight.

Prestige - In 1878 two young stage magicians clash in a darkened saloon during the course of a fraudulent séance. From this moment on, their lives become webs of deceit and exposure, secrets and revelations, as they feud to outwit and destroy one another. Their rivalry takes them both to the peak of their careers, but with terrible consequences.

Flags Of Our Fathers - February 1945. Even as victory in Europe was finally within reach, the war in the Pacific raged on. One of the most crucial and bloodiest battles of the war was the struggle for the island of Iwo Jima, which culminated with what would become one of the most iconic images in history: five Marines and a Navy corpsman raising the American flag on Mount Suribachi. The inspiring photo capturing that

Oct 12 2006

News - The Media Center Show Awards 2006

This year's MEdia Center Show Awards are coming soon. It is sorta like the Oscars, except with more pocket protectors and less money. You know what they say, if you don't vote you can't bitch.

Media Center Show Awards 

*Best Media Center Utility:
*Best Online Spotlight application :
*Best Video Conversion / Editing Tool :
*Best Communication Tool:
*Best Community Resource:
*Best Hardware Manufacturer:
*Most innovative application for Windows Media Center :
*Best Enthusiast Media Center Blog:
* Best Microsoft Employee Media Center Blog:
*Best Overall application for Windows Media Center:
*Best Free application

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