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May 13 2011

News - Watch Netflix on unsupported Android Devices

I think everyone here is a fan of hacks and tweaks that let you do things that weren't originally designed. So if you're one of them, and you happen to be one of the unlucky Android owners of an unsupported phone, there's a chance you can still use the new Netflix application to stream. Pretty neat...of course, if it breaks your phone, don't blame us.

Netflix officially realeased for 5 devices because those are the ones that the devs tested with. They knew there would be issues with untested devices (fcs, crashes, no video/sound, etc) so they coded the app to refuse to play on anything but the tested 5. All this hack does is circumvents that restriction by making the app think you are on one of the supported ones. There some devices which seem to work fine with the app but were never tested by the devs. Such devices as the nook color, the LG optimus S/V. These work perfectly after this while others still may have problems.


May 13 2011

News - Charlie Sheen Replaced by Ashton Kutcher

I absolutely did not see this one coming.  I'm a fan of Two and a Half Men, but Kutcher never even crossed my mind as the replacement for Charlie Sheen.  To be fair, they aren't recasting Charlie Harper, rather they're introducing a new character to be played by Kutcher.  I was never a fan of anything he did, especially That '70s Show.

The sources said that the actor is currently putting the final touches on his deal to join the hit sitcom, and will reportedly get a "huge payday." Kutcher has not confirmed the news, but tweeted on Thursday, "What's the square root of 6.25?" The answer? Yup, 2.5.

The Clicker

I'm torn.  What do you think?  Smart move?  Tragic mistake?

May 10 2011

News - VOD: A (Mostly) Comprehensive Comparison

The good folks over at MaximumTech, MaximumPC's new sister site, have put together a solid overview of most of the current mainstream online movie and TV streaming and rental services.  There is not a lot of new info here, but it is a handy guide for making side-by-side comparisons of the major services if you have been thinking of casting a wider net for your video consumption. Of course, if they had waited a couple more days before posting, they probably would have included YouTube.

You might need to utilize more than one VOD service, in addition to frequenting the websites of the major broadcast television networks, to obtain all the content available on subscription cable and satellite TV services. But we think you’ll soon find yourself scaling back—or even cancelling—those pricey subscriptions because you’ll save boatloads of cash paying only for the content you’re actually interested in watching.


May 10 2011

News - Google Expands YouTube Rental Service with 3,000 New Titles

Google kicked off 2010 by adding movie rentals to its YouTube service. Those early Sundance offerings have gradually been supplemented with a variety of independent, Bollywood, and anime rentals, but today Google kicked things up a notch with the announcement that YouTube would be adding 3,000 rental titles from major Hollywood heavyweights Warner Brothers, Sony, and Universal. The titles are expected to include a mix of recent releases and older catalog titles and will be added over the next several weeks. 

I have to admit that I find it interesting that much of coverage I've seen elsewhere focuses on how this new move will allow YouTube to put pressure on Netflix. Similar rhetoric was deployed when YouTube first started offering rentals, again when the service came out of beta, and more recently when rumors started circulating that Google was finally making headway in its negotiations with some Hollywood studios. Unless the studios suddenly decide that digital rentals are the only way to distribute movies online, Google seems to be positioning YouTube more to compete with Apple and Vudu.  With rental prices of $3.99 and up it would only take a few rentals a month for a consumer to find a better deal with Netflix. Obviously there may be a tradeoff in the selection of newer, AAA titles available, but these services still seem to be geared toward different markets.

YouTube is adding films from Sony Corp. (6758), Time Warner Inc.’s Warner Bros., Comcast Corp.’s Universal Pictures and Lionsgate, according to a statement today. The additions will push YouTube’s total movie rentals available to more than 6,000.

May 07 2011

News - TV Companies Show Growth in 2011, Cord Cutters Dumbfounded

ImageWe keep hearing about all the buzz of cord cutting and how so many people are doing it, and how cable companies should be terrified...and then a report like this comes out.

One past loser became a gainer (DISH, which reported a boost of 58K net new subscribers).  The big losers from last year didn't lose as big.  (Comcast, which reported a semi-horrific 82K loss in the first quarter of 2010 shrank that by more than half to -39K in 1Q11.)  Among them DIRECTV, Verizon FiOS and AT&T U-verse gained nearly 600,000 and when it all came together, we saw 517,000 net new pay TV subs for the first quarter.


May 03 2011

News - VUDU Now Serving Up TV Shows

VUDU continues pounding out improvements to its streaming service. New to the streaming service are TV shows. A quick look at the VUDU catalog reveals that there are already quite a few shows available. Quality seems to vary by network. VUDU's HDX quality is available from some of the more progressive networks such as AMC, Showtime and Starz.

Pricing varies depending on TV show and quality level. TV shows can be purchased individually or as entire seasons. Similar to Amazon, current-run shows are available next day after initial broadcast airing. 




Spartacus on VUDU

VUDU is pleased to announce the arrival of something new to watch: TV! Now, you’ll be able to check out hits like GLEE, MODERN FAMILY, and NURSE JACKIE plus catch up on fan favorites like WEEDS and BONES. We’ve also got every episode to date of GOSSIP GIRL – if you’ve missed an episode just check VUDU – we’ll have new episodes up the day after they air so you won’t miss a thing!

Apr 29 2011

News - HBO GO for Andriod

In the theme of everything "Royal" today, content is king. Andriod Central has posted up a review of the new HBO Go application for the Andriod platform. It currently doesn't have Honeycomb tablet support but if you are on the go like I am and have down time on your transit commute to work, this is a great little appplication. The application gives access to all of HBO's content, movies, tv series, you name it. I haven't had a chance to test this myself as I don't have an active subscription to HBO, but if you do and you are an Android user, go and check it out.

It's a simple premise: If you're an HBO subscriber, you sign in (I used my Cox Cable log-in) and have access to movies, series -- all the content HBO has to offer, really -- and it's served up to your Android phone. Hopefully we'll see it on Honeycomb tablets in the near future. But for now, that's not an option.

The user interface is simple enough. Browse programs and watch them. You can dive through the extensive list of movies, series, comedy, sports, documentaries and (of course), late-night.

Andriod Central

While we're on the subject of HBO, check out

Apr 28 2011

News - Hulu Plus Comes to Xbox Live

I'm not a Hulu user, but I have to admit I'll be tempted to check out this free preview upcoming of this new integration of the XBox 360 Dashboard with Hulu Plus. Given how slick the Netflix application is, I have pretty high expectations. Will this make you spend the money though if you didn't already subscribe?


From April 29 to May 6 all Xbox Live members — even those without a Hulu Plus or Xbox Live Gold membership — will be able to access the service for free. Microsoft also is running a sweepstakes for those Xbox owners who download Hulu Plus to their Xbox 360.


Apr 20 2011

News - DirecTV to launch $30 VOD service Thursday April 21st

As previously mentioned before, the $30 DirecTV VOD is finally here. Starting tomrrow, DirecTV subscrubers will be able to rent movies not yet released on DVD but yet not in theaters any more. Will you pay that $30 premium or will you wait for the DVD/BD release? Leave a comment and let us know.


If the actual trip to the movie theater was the only thing preventing you from checking out Adam Sandler, Brooklyn Decker and Jennifer Aniston in Just Go With It, you can still check it out before it arrives on Blu-ray or DVD starting Thursday. The Hollywood Reporter mentions Sony's flick will be the first one on the service and is already available for preordering on the new Home Premiere service, available only to customers with the satellite company's HD DVRs, which is about 6 million people.

Engadget  HD

Apr 04 2011

News - Just Launched Zediva Now Saddled with Lawsuit

ZedviaA couple of weeks ago, we had just found out about the new video rental and streaming upstart, Zediva. If you didn't catch that article, Zediva's scheme for side-skirting Hollywood is to rent viewers a physical DVD and DVD player and then stream the output direct to consumers. Today, we learn that the MPAA is none too satisfied with Zediva's interpretation of the license associated with physical media.

Anyone surprised? Furthermore, anyone willing to gamble on the outcome?

On the same day legislators, unions and others pledged their support for a crackdown on pirated online content, the Motion Picture Association of America filed suit against online VOD video streaming service, Zediva.

"Zediva claims it is like a brick-and-mortar DVD 'rental' store and therefore not obligated to pay licensing fees to copyright holders," said MPAA in filing the suit Monday In a California District Court. "In reality, Zediva is a video-on-demand service that transmits movies over the Internet using streaming technologies in violation of the studios' copyrights," the studios said.

They distinguished that from "major cable companies" video-on-demand services, and services like Netflix,, and Vudu, which pay to stream movie content.

Broadcasting and Cable

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