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Jun 04 2010

News - AVSForum launches free iPhone App

Not sure if anyone here uses an iPhone (it's not very popular!).


As HD geeks there aren't many things we enjoy more than a spirited debate on an online venue and for our interests none are matched by the great AVS Forum -- other than our very own comments of course. We've learned more from this single source than all others combined -- well maybe not if you include Wikipedia -- and often get into it pretty thick with other participants. So you can imagine our joy to learn we have a new way to call out those that are wrong while we're on the go without having to carry around a full laptop. Overall we have to say we find the app very useful and at free it sure is priced right.


Jun 04 2010

News - Blu-ray Rentals Likely $1.50 a Night at Redbox Kiosks

Good news for Redbox users!


CENTURY CITY, Calif. — Redbox president Mitch Lowe said the kiosk company would likely bow Blu-ray Disc rentals at $1.50 a night, a premium over the chain’s traditional $1-a-night DVD rental.

Blu-rays will start appearing in Redbox kiosks within the next few months, he said.


Jun 02 2010

News - iPad and X10: The Ultimate Home Automation Controller?

Since the announcement of the iPad, the CEDIA professional home installer market has been very excited to get things running on it. For so many years, companies had to use expensive panels such as AMX or Crestron to do things that now the iPad will allow in just as attractive a fashion.



I found that I had space for 12 devices / macros, divided into 3 tables each with a header. It suits my house to have a table for lighting, one for appliances and one for macros. I created images to place around the table, giving it a rounded corners look. Finally I created some buttons in Gimp - big enough to be pressable but not so big as to take over the display.


Jun 02 2010

News - Intel HD graphics to support 3D this summer, 30 more WiDi laptops on the way

Great news though without knowing more could be bad news for existing owners.


Hoping we will be able to provide additional information soon. 


Intel's integrated graphics are about to get a stereoscopic shot in the arm this summer. Although the Computex presentation today wasn't clear on whether it would come in the form of a firmware update or all-new hardware, we're being promised the ability to watch 3D movies straight off Blu-ray discs.


May 30 2010

News - Media Browser version 2.2.4 just released!

The Media Browser gang has continued to evolve their 100% FREE HTPC solution, and definitely well worth a try if you're looking for something with some extra control over it.




May 28 2010

News - Hands On: Logitech Squeezebox Touch

In a world where all the rage is small players that can play it all, Logitech has stuck by their investment in the Squeezebox brand and continues to innovate. This time around, via a touchscreen display and a wealth of apps to use it with. Pretty cool for music buffs, probably too much for me to invest in one.


Let’s start with the all important touchscreen. Having been a faithful Squeezebox Classic owner for a few years now (two devices in the home), I’ll summarise my point of view on the touchscreen briefly. I do not want to return the Squeezebox Touch! From first tap, the screen is responsive to your touch with a satisfying metallic click signalling each tap. The screen is bright, colourful and a pleasure to use with smooth scrolling within your music library.


May 28 2010

News - The next Apple TV revealed: cloud storage and iPhone OS on tap... and a $99 price tag

Given how lazy and slow Apple has been with it's self-named "hobby" product of AppleTV, you have to wonder if they pushed this quickly with the news of the Google TV box?


Not only will this be priced to sell (like hotcakes), it seems that Apple is moving away from the model of local storage, and will be focusing the new ATV on cloud-based storage (not unlike Amazon's streaming scheme, though we're talking instant-on 1080p, a la Microsoft). For those still interested in keeping their content close, there will be an option to utilize a Time Capsule as an external storage component, but the main course will be all about streaming. The new ATV will do away with its current OS X-lite variation as a operating system, and will instead adopt the iPhone OS for the underlying experience. There's no word at this point on whether apps and the App Store will be coming along for the ride, but it makes sense given the shared platform. Of course, scaling iPhone apps to that 52-inch plasma in your living room isn't exactly a no-brainer.


May 25 2010

News - Haali Media Splitter Updated

If you are a Haali Media Splitter user, I am, you'll want to update.  No problems on my systems so far.


  • New Features:
    • Added support for WebM files
  • Fixed items:
    • Fixed a lot of issues with mp4 muxer
    • Better support for VC-1 in MPEG Transport streams


May 23 2010

News - June 12th – the next Media Center/WHS user group!

If you are in the UK and interested in Media Center, this should be a fantastic event with lots of good info...and shwag!! Ian Dixon (and our own Andrew Cherry) have been doing a ton of work behind the scenes getting this running, so many kudos! Too bad it's UK only!


I as I have said previously we have been working hard to get the next Windows Media Center / Windows Home Server user group event arranged and with the help of Microsoft UK we are close to finalising the details. So I want to give you a heads up on the date: Saturday June 12th at a secret location in Birmingham, once we have everything arranged I will let you know the exact details but I can say it looks a great location. We will have multiple presentation rooms, coffee areas /chill out rooms and exhibiter spaces so it will gives us much more scope than we had last year.


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