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Oct 27 2010

News - First Look At The New Apple TV

Here's Ian's first look at the tiny new AppleTV box. I'm far from sold for this, but Ian seems to like it, with the known limitations being accepted and understood of course.


I like my hacked first gen Apple TV especially for listening to music so I was keen to try out the new Apple TV device. I have recorded a quick video taking a look at the UI and how it works streaming from the iTunes store and from a local PC running iTunes.


Oct 27 2010

News - V2 Released

Wow, talk about a huge upgrade from a V1. I had mostly given up on's Media Center plugin a while back, but it looks like it may be time to check back in. Pretty cool new and easy to follow interface. is an add-in for Windows Media Center (part of Windows 7) that allows you to bring together all the different types of media available (Flash based video content, local video files, Netflix instant streaming content, etc…) into one common and familiar interface. Every day more and more TV content is made available online through websites like Hulu and but with all these new sources of TV content comes many different interfaces and methods of access to those sources. was created to bring all of those sources into one easy to use interface that is fully accessible via remote control.


Oct 20 2010

News - Ceton InfiniTV 4 Tuner Sharing via Network Bridging


For those that missed their podcast last night, Josh and Adam from The Digital Media Zone announced Network Tuner Sharing working in the latest Ceton InfiniTV4 Beta firmware.

While we can't comment too much on the implementation, I can confirm that it has been working well. Not only that, but it works on W7, Vail and Windows 2008 R2.

I know a lot of people are eager to see it working on Vail but honestly it is not very interesting to me. When using the InfiniTV4 on the Vail system you are limited to Network Bridging and assigning tuners to remote systems.  It is a great option if your primary HTPC doesn't have room for the InfiniTV4 but otherwise I don't see the network overheard being worth it.

What I did find very interesting is installing the Ceton InfiniTV4 in a Windows 2008 R2 (or Windows Small Business Server Code Name “Aurora”) running Hyper-V.  If you setup network bridging between the InfiniTV and a Windows 7 private virtual networkcard then you can record and connect extenders to the InfiniTV4 via the virtualized HTPC.  I use this virtual W7 as my primary recording broker, PlayOn server and DLNA server.  My primary HTPC and bedrooms HTPC are setup to sleep and I don’t have to worry about them waking up to record or network issues potentially affecting recordings.

For SageTV users, I also have SageTV running on the virtual HTPC and working with the Ceton InfiniTV4 via Andy's SageMCTuner.  There is a ~20 second delay when tuning so while it may not be an ideal solution, for recorded content it not only works but is currently your only solution for enjoying CableCARD within SageTV.  Please note, SageMCTuner is limited to Copy-Freely content.

If you have any questions, I'll answer if I can but it will be limited to the experience.  I cannot answer questions on the implementation, it is a beta after all and things will change prior to public release.


Ever since CableLabs approved CableCARD devices to enable tuner sharing owners of the Ceton InfiniTV 4have been waiting for Ceton to release the firmware that would turn this functionality on. While it hasn’t been released to the public yet, beta testers of the quad tuner CableCARD device can now do just that. Tonight I installed the latest beta firmware, bridged the connection between the tuner card and my ethernet adapter, and setup a secondary PC to use the InfiniTV 4. Once everything is setup on both ends, you simply go through the standard guided setup process on the secondary PC(s) to setup the tuners, as you would any other tuner device. After that it works just like any other tv tuner. I was able to instantly start watching live HD television immediately, without any noticeable lag from the streams being broadcast across my network.


Oct 20 2010

News - Boxee Box Ships on Nov 10th

It is official, the Boxee Box by D-Link is shipping on Nov. 10.  And it will also come out of box with Boxee v1.0! If you are not a Cable or Satellite subscriber does it offer enough to migrate away from more traditional tuner-supporting HTPC software?


We just got final confirmation from D-Link that the Boxee Box will start shipping on Nov 10th. Boxee and D-Link will have a launch event in NYC to celebrate and demo the Boxee Box, complete with Boxee 1.0.

People who pre-ordered from Amazon should receive their Box as early as Nov 11. The Boxes should start appearing in stores on Nov 17th (if you are the type of person who can’t wait the extra week you should probably pre-order from Amazon today).

D-Link has gone the extra mile (or kilometer) and turned mid-November into a worldwide launch.  You can already pre-order the Boxee Box in Canada Australia/New Zealand UK and in other countries across Europe (these units will all start shipping on or shortly after the 10th).


Oct 19 2010

News - The FTTH Forum, the leading European FTTH conference, to take place November 9-10 in Budapest


Thilo Kusch (CFO, Magyar Telecom) and Chris Holden (President of the FTTH Council, Europe) to deliver Keynote Address


Oct 08 2010

News - Reminder: FCC's October 14th meeting next week

While this isn't a new article by any means, it is dated September 23rd, new Missing Remote member @brennok reminds us that the "next hearing on CableCARD is set for October 14th so time is running out."

If you want to voice your opinion, now is the time, well a couple months ago would have been better but....

If you have not done so already, check out Ben Drawbaugh's (via Engadget HD) summary of Thursday's upcoming meeting agenda and send your comments to FFC via their Electronic Comment Filing System.


The FCC announced the agenda for its October 14th meeting and low and behold it contains the FCCs intent to release a "Third Report and Order and Order on Reconsideration that will make changes to the FCC's CableCARD rules." So obviously it's our hope that the changes proposed in the FCC's Broadband plan will become a mandate and not just a dream. Here's a refresher, the proposed changes include:

  • Ditch Tuning Adapters and let devices with Ethernet ports communicate upstream via IP to tune SDV channels.

  • If a customer has a CableCARD in their leased set-top box, it must be reflected on the bill like any other CableCARD would.

  • If the provider offers a self install for leased set-top boxes, they must also allow self install of a CableCARD.

  • Software shouldn't require the same CableLabs certification hardware does.



Oct 04 2010

News - Google TV Preview

Google TV looks pretty good, if they can turn it into an application for the PC they may have some competition with boxee, WD, apple TV.  Although all of the videos I have seen of google tv appear to be renderings so far, no true video of the logitech STB working.


This is good. No, strike that. This is great: Application on Google TV. There TV stuff is starting to look betterer and betterer every day. Start your photocopiers, Cupertino, because Apple TV is now looking dated.

Look at that applications menu. It has it all, from a browser like Chrome to NBA GameTime to Netflix to Pandora to Napster. In theory, you will be able to expand your TV in any way you want using these applications, just like you can expand the functionality of your iOS or Android thingamajig to suit you needs. Apple can also do this, they just need to enable it—and they better do it soon. [Google TV Blog and Netflix Blog]


Oct 02 2010

News - GeekTonic Checks TV Series' Pulse

I'm a little disappointed that "The Good Guys" is on the list because as bad as it is, I still enjoy it.  Check out the rest of the status check over at GeekTonic.


As we move into October, it’s time to check the pulse of various TV Series.  Here’s my take so far on the shows that have been cancelled already and those having a rough time of it:


Sep 27 2010

News - Focal Dome 5.1 Speakers

When it comes to speakers I'm usually a "no replacement for displacement" kind of guy, but that approach requires enough space and a sprinkle of SAF.  For those with a discerning ear and a challenging environment a system like this might be just what the audiologist ordered.


Each unit is then filled with a four-inch Polyglass mid-bass driver, a one-inch inverted aluminum/magnesium composite tweeter and a high-performance OPC crossover. The Dome is suspended by a thin post, which connects to a hefty base and can pivot vertically up to ninety degrees. This allows for nearly infinite installation flexibility as well as stunning good looks. The base stands on a thick rubber mat which is a welcome feature to those of us with glass tables. The speaker clings tightly to whatever surface it is placed on. Remove the mat and the speaker terminals are exposed under the base. Look closely at the rubber mat and you will notice that it also stores an Allen wrench for the speaker terminals, reminiscent of how a Rolls Royce Phantom hides an umbrella in the doorjamb. Those who like products designed to the Nth degree will quickly fall in love with the Dome system.


Sep 27 2010

News - Cortus and RivieraWaves Partner to Provide Complete Bluetooth(r) Low Energy and Classic Bluetooth(r)


Cortus and RivieraWaves announce a partnership providing a range of complete, turnkey, easy to integrate, Bluetooth IP solutions.


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