StableBit DrivePool for Windows Home Server 2011 Now Available

Mar 12 2012

StableBit DrivePool

The loss of Drive Extender, the storage pooling and redundancy feature of the original Windows Home Server, was a crippling blow for Windows Home Server 2011 in the eyes of many WHS enthusiasts. A couple of different companies sprang up to try to fill the void left by Drive Extender with new WHS plug-ins. Drive Bender was the first to go public, but now we have an alternative as StableBit DrivePool from CoveCube has exited beta and been released to the public. Like Drive Extender and Drive Bender, DrivePool allows for multiple hard drives to be combined together as a single storage pool and provides for data redundancy. DrivePool sells for $19.95, half the price of Drive Bender. 

After a looong beta period CoveCube, the developers of StableBit DrivePool for Windows Home Server 2011, have finally brought the add-in out of testing and have published a full release, priced at $19.95.

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With Win8's drive spaces, these add-ins may not last long. 

Win8 isn't exactly a substitute for WHS 2011.  If DE is that importatnt than I persoanlly would have stuck with V1.  I have no interest in paying extra for something that could potentially be a hassle; if I were to rebuild my server after a catastrophe, these plugins would make me very nervous.

I considered this, but I think I am going to try FlexRaid first and see how well it performs.

dirtboy wrote:

I considered this, but I think I am going to try FlexRaid first and see how well it performs.

I tried FlexRaid a few months ago and it was a no go.  I could not get WHS2011 to make any shares on the FkexRaid drives.  It does work and the OS can use the FlexRaid drives, but it is just not ready to be used with WHS2011.  I wound up going the hardware RAID route and made a 6 drive 11.5TB JBOD for my video files only. All pictures, music and important personal files are on a RAID1 array.

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