Home Server 2011 Media Streaming Known Issue and Workaround

Aug 23 2011

Looks like Microsoft has published an article and acknowledges the streaming issues that people are seeing with Windows Home Server 2011. Microsoft has published a Technet Wiki with the problem and solutions to fix the three issues. Two of them have to do with the repeat button repeat button. The other is issues with Music Album art and tag get overwritten. Head over to the link below and check out the fixes you need to do if you are seeing these issues. No comments on Microsoft if they will be releasing these as a SP or hotfixes.


To ensure imported music files can be refreshed automatically with online album art, a scheduled task syncs media metadata regularly for files on WSH music shares. However, this task will also overwrite some customized properties of the tags.

Technet Wiki


Why don't you folks post links to the websites you write about in your articles. Nothing more frustrating than reading about how things are awesome on a site or that a web page with fixes are posted only to have no reference links to click on. Just a suggestion that you might want to start including links to the pages of the article topics.

Thanks for the comment. We always link to our source or attach the source to our posts unless we are the original source. Generally, you should find the link to the source at the bottom of the quote. We are also working to standardize this so that you will find it in a very predictable place every time.

The link to the pages are unter the link on the quotes. So on this one if you click on the Technet wiki it will take to you the site I am talking about.

Good to see this got mentioned here.

WGS thread:


HSS thread:


Microsoft Connect:



The WHS2011 update rolled out on 8-23-2011 did not address this issue Sad

M$ did at least acknowledge it, with the help of Terry Walsh over at WGS bringing it up a few times on his blog. Vote it up on the Connect thread if you haven't already.

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