Commercial Break Viewing in Windows Media Center Sneak Peek

Jul 27 2011

Commercial Break Viewer

If you are familiar with SageTV, you probably know that the software can show where commercial breaks are in the video timeline. It looks like this functionality will soon be brought to Windows Media Center courtesy of Mark Terborg and his Recorded TV HD plug-in. It looks awesome!

Notice anything about this MC screen? Coming soon to Recorded TV HD: Commercial Break Viewer. It's kind of a hack and it's not perfect but it works pretty well.

Mark Terborg


Website for Recorded TV HD is

The Commercial Break Viewer is included in the latest beta here:

It should be in the official release version soon.


If you tried the latest beta earlier today, please try again. I made a silly mistake right before I posted it. It should be fixed now. Sorry.

Full disclosure, it's not free...but still worth it. Support developers!:

Recorded TV HD is only $19.99 for a single license and $39.99 for an entire household.

Thanks Mike.  I forgot to point that out.

From what it looks like you also need Show Analyzer, which is also not free...looks very nice!


FYI.... This has been officially released: Recorded TV HD with Commercial Break Viewer

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